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Wood bee bar

A permanent home for wood bees
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This is a board that you screw on to the inside ceiling of your front porch. The wood is a special kind that Wood bees like, and that doesn't leave powder when they go drilling. Or maybe it's a special compound or food that they will eat. Or maybe it comes with holes already. It's somehow more attractive than the wood that comprises your porch.

Anywho, the point is that the wood bees live here, raise their family, and die or leave or whatever they do come winter, inside of this bar. The bar is detachable, so they haven't eaten up the whole structure of your porch. But you would want to keep it there so that the bees use it instead of your porch.

Spraying works fine, but by the time you know they're there to start spraying, they've already started holes, and they will continue drilling next year. So there's no getting rid of them. This is a way you can live in harmony with them.

lawpoop, Jul 04 2010


       There are two possibilities:   

       a) Wood bees are normally limited by territoriality or food. In this case, your device works.   

       b) Wood bees are normally limited by suitable nesting sites. In this case, your device becomes Bee Plaza, and your porch becomes a Bee Ghetto for all the bees who have heard that life is good at your place.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 04 2010

       Wouldn't it bee nice? +
xenzag, Jul 04 2010

       How much wood would a wood bee be if a wood be would be wood?
lawpoop, Jul 04 2010

MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 04 2010

       I've not heard of the wood bee beeee-four. Before now at least. Tell more, [lawpoop], and nice to see you buzzing around.
blissmiss, Jul 04 2010

       Everything is fine until paper wasps move in and ruin the neighborhood.
Cedar Park, Jul 04 2010


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