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application to share files instantly
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the idea is a little bit similar to the whole filesharing stuff.

think of an application that runs in your background in your local network (ie at work). somewhere in the network there is a server running for this application, you have to log on with your user and so on.

if you have to get some files of your collegue you simply send a file request to him. he opens his explorer, marks the file and drags it into the application and the file is acessable within the application. by dragging it out he can remove the file again.

just a little bit more comfortable than the standard windows option to share files.

by using the interface of the app you can see all files a collegue shares with the network.

of course all this is possible by using icq, windows shares of nfs and so on but it seems quite nice for me to have it in an own application, especially because you can add special features (encryption usw)

ahja, and sorry for my english...

Who-T, Jun 03 2002


       File sharing - Baked.
Remote access - Baked.
Remote control - Baked.

       Analysis: Baked.
phoenix, Jun 03 2002

       This should be in a Computer Category.
[ sctld ], Jun 03 2002

       Careful phoenix, I've heard that if you type *that* word too many times you will go bald and move to NYC...
runforrestrun, Jun 03 2002

       The better to cork the bottle, [runforrestrun]. *sigh* You're right, though.
phoenix, Jun 03 2002

       Actually, I can't see how this is better than the current filesharing techniques. There's a million and one ways to currently share files, and all of them start out cumbersome, and then get easy once users figure it out. This would be no different.
gb2000, Jun 05 2002


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