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Working Exploded Engine Model

A real engine exploded to show the individual parts, all of which actually move as when the engine is running
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To see all the parts of an internal combustion engine, exploded views are often used. This idea is to display an actual disassembled engine in such a way that the parts can actually rotate, rock, pivot and move as if the engine were assembled.

This is done by having all the parts attached to clear lucite mounts that are themselves moved by hidden mechanisms. For instance, you'd have a steel gear mounted in the center of a clear lucite disk that fits in a slot in the base of the display where a hidden motor rotates the entire assembly.

The way the lucite support parts are hidden is by filling the display with water or clear oil rendering them virtually invisible. You can see this effect by dipping a glass rod into a glass of water. As bigsleep pointed out, when one material is dipped in another with the same refractive index, it completely disappears. So when a disk with a gear mounted in the middle is turning, it appears that the gear is floating in space and turning without being attached to anything.

This would make an eye catching display and allow a unique view of an actual engine's individual parts moving in concert.

Great for turbine engines too.

doctorremulac3, Jan 23 2014

This only with all the parts moving http://boxwrench.net/V8_ExpView.htm
...even though they're floating in space [doctorremulac3, Jan 23 2014]

A classic variation http://www.youtube....watch?v=YNgI5RKRy10
A search for "Transparent V8" found this video. [Vernon, Jan 23 2014]




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