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World Trade Center

A new WTC and WTC memorial :: the symbolic and the practical
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[go to: http://wtc-scootie.blogspot.com/ for graphics and text below]


Two twin sister towers are built in a mirror relationship to the originals. This [re]location of the office buildings is driven by symbolism rather than practicality. The new towers rise in the spaces that were always implied by the originals and in return provide a crucial corresponding role of symbolizing the lost twin towers. It is an unambiguous sign of determination and commemoration.

The imaginary mirror plane between the old twin towers and new twin towers is the place of the memorial experience. The place is proposed as a colossal veranda that links the two new twin sisters to each other at every level, as well as bringing the memorial visitor in touch with the sacred space of the lost towers at all elevations. It is a planted green space; vital, healthy, clean, open, breathing, alive.

The memorial is a practical solution.

1. the memorial engages and commemorates the actual physical space of the tragic event.

2. the area of the memorial would be large enough and less crowded [10 times larger than the size of the tower footprints alone]. access would be at all levels.

3. the memorial structure improves the safety of each tower by providing connection and an alternate means of egress.

4. The green space helps temper the environment of the towers and the city.

scootie, Dec 12 2009

WTC http://wtc-scootie.blogspot.com/
Graphics + Text [scootie, Dec 12 2009]


       Oh I have moved on, this is an 8 year old idea. This does not fuel a cause. Stop thinking in terms of us and them.
scootie, Dec 12 2009

       That was really rude, 21Q, even for you.
blissmiss, Dec 13 2009

       //Move on and get over it already.//
Can anyone explain the grammar of that sentence, please?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 13 2009

       //this is an 8 year old idea//   

       How so? Looks like it's from two days ago.
ldischler, Dec 13 2009

       Wait a minute, I recognize those large adjectives describing buildings and space as the verbiage of desk crits. A real architect ehh?
leinypoo13, Dec 13 2009

       [ ldischler] I mean that I had the idea back in 2001-2002, the post however is new.   

       [ leinypoo13] you got me, real architect, yes
scootie, Dec 13 2009

       I rather like the idea: the structure giving homage to the original while (I imagine) being built "green" from the ground up.   

       but [ ] because I haven't thought politics through. And from a structural perspective, could you actually build an even heavier building on that site, given the amount of damage done to the ground there ? 'Twasn't no three-storey walkup.
FlyingToaster, Dec 13 2009

       [FlyingToaster] As far as the damage and rebuilding I think it is just a question of money. In theory it would only require a larger, deeper slurry wall foundation, etc. If Dubai can technically exist with its indoor skiing and 1/2 mile high towers in the desert then this could exist as well.   

       The complexity of reconstructing the site to put back just the uses that were lost [Path station, 8.6 million square feet of commercial real estate, etc, etc….] in any form would be difficult enough. Add to that the “new” use of a memorial which would draw a significant group of visitors [Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC is visited by =/- 3.5 million people per year = 9,500 people per day] and it becomes very challenging.   

       My idea constructs the memorial in the air not only to get people to where the actual memorialized event took place, but also to remove the significant memorial program requirements off the already crowded ground plane. The proposal would be like a vertical garden and is not intended to be jammed with visitors like the Empire State Building Observatory but rather to be occupied as a park for contemplation. [gorilla math: assuming 10,000 people/ day divided by 100 floors of the proposed ‘veranda ‘= 100 people per floor. Veranda floor area is estimated at 12,000 square feet = 120 square feet per person; which is equivalent to each person having the area of a bedroom.]
scootie, Dec 13 2009

       when you finish this, I wish you could start work on Pompeii and some other places...
xandram, Dec 14 2009

       before stone henge there was wood henge and straw henge [E.Izzard]
scootie, Dec 16 2009


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