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World Wide Wave

"You're set to begin your virtual World Wide Wave at 11:33:24 Pacific Time!
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The wave is a thing where people in a stadium stand up in a sequence that forms a wave that moves around the stadium. If you've never seen one of these, a stadium is a place where people go to watch other people do stuff.

The idea is for phone app that performs a virtual wave. Whoever has this app on has a map that indicates the location of other people who have the app on at that time.

You're given a time to begin your virtual wave and at that time you push your "Start Wave!" button and watch as your signal goes out to all the other people with that app moving like ripples in a pond after you throw a pebble in.

So the dot on the map indicating you lights up first, then the nearest people to you with the app have their locations light up on the map, those in your same state, then the states outwards from that, adjacent countries etc till the outwards expanding ripple travels around the world.

Why? Great question. Maybe it gives you a sense of connection with all these people all over the world. Maybe it gives a bit of a look into how the internet works. My reason for doing it would simply be that it would be kind of cool to see.

After you've watched the wave you started activate millions of people's phones around the world, it would go back to showing you where the next wave was coming from and lighting up or vibrating when the signal hit your phone when your part of that next wave came up.

The speed of the actual wave would be slowed down so it could be enjoyed but you could actually play it at regular speed to see how fast information travels over the web.

There would be a schedule at the top of the app to apply to start your next wave. Depending on how popular this got though it might be a while before they had another opening, but that would just make it more special no? The trigger person would be sent a reminder "You're set to start your virtual wave in 5 minutes, are you ready?" If the person didn't respond, their spot would be given to the next person in line." "A new spot has opened up at 9:31.06 pacific standard time, would you like to take it?" This way the slots would always be filled.

Hmm. Just occurred to me, if enough people signed up for this you could monetize it. "This World Wide Wave was brought you by Big Brother's mind numbing tea biscuits. "Hey pal, I think you've had a little too much to think. Time for a Big Brother's mind numbing tea biscuit."

doctorremulac3, Dec 06 2020


       // Big Brother's mind numbing tea biscuits //   

       There's an HB idea right there if someone cares to write it up.
8th of 7, Dec 06 2020

doctorremulac3, Dec 06 2020

       Nice. I posted something similar once. Same title even just missing the word Wide.   

       The intent was to increase the rotational speed of the planet using people to create an actual wave which would amplify with each passing.   


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