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large audio-visual water feature
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The Xylophountain resembles nothing so much as a small outcropping of trees, each consistings of metal trunks and branches, upon which are mounted leaves of various sizes and shapes. As can quickly be imagined, the resonance frequency(s) of each leaf is different and the branches and trunks are resonance chambers, themselves.

A programmable multijet fountain shoots water streams into the air at coded intervals; said streams impact the leaves on the way down and produce music.

Indoors or in a low-wind outdoors area.

It can be played live, but due to the lag between playing a note(s) and the water impacting the leaves, it's not easy.

FlyingToaster, Jul 27 2009

Animated Music Balls http://www.youtube....watch?v=imFNtdJ0Fxo
[xaviergisz, Jul 27 2009]


       It could be a new version of wind-chimes...
Ling, Jul 27 2009

       //It could be a new version of wind-chimes//
Obligatory [-]
coprocephalous, Jul 27 2009

       I'm conducting a thought experiment if water sprayed at a resonant body would cause it to produce its natural frequency tone or if it would simply damp(en) it.
RayfordSteele, Jul 27 2009

       having my doubts...[ ] since sound is vibrations, I'm thinking the water actually dampens the vibration of impact. what could you use to amplify the sound, if any?
dentworth, Jul 27 2009

       If the water jet has enough time to break up into drops before hitting the leaf, this should work. There's a small fountain in a church near my childhood home which produces discernably different notes as water drops into three different sized metal bowls.
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 27 2009

       Realistically the water would be hitting the tines as "white noise" (or perhaps pink, not gonna calculate), but the tine would pick up on the components that matched its resonant frequency(s).   

       [copro] hey *I'm* not the one who suggested wind-chimes... go bone one of [Ling]'s posts.
FlyingToaster, Jul 27 2009

       Keep the jets short and it should work fine.   

wagster, Aug 03 2009


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