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Yin-Yang Ping Pong

those who play do not know; those who know do not play
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Yin-Yang Ping Pong is played like every other game of ping pong in that the ball is knocked backwards and forwards across a table divided by a net.

The big difference with Yin-Yang Ping Pong in the shape of the table, and its net, which follows the form of a Yin-Yang symbol.

In this case the net is curved to follow that of the symbol, but also rises higher in the middle and tapers down to meet the edge of the table at each side.

As always, yang is the white side with the black dot on it, and yin is the black side with the white dot on it, but here the white dot takes the form of an obstructing pole and the black dot becomes a hole, down which the ball may escape from play, winning or losing points depending on the rules adopted.

Being round, players are not confined to any side of the table and may orbit it at will, forcing their opponent to do likewise. The combined effect of this is to create a more active, less predictable dynamic game, for all concerned. ie in certain positions the ball may be made to cross the net twice to get to the other side; hitting the pole may cause the ball to bounce unpredictably etc

xenzag, Dec 27 2012

Yin-Yang Symbol http://0.tqn.com/d/...0/-/-/-/yinYang.gif
[xenzag, Dec 27 2012]

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       The pole would be a disadvantage, as it is an easier target (angle-wise) than a hole. Table Tennis or Ping Pong?
wjt, Dec 27 2012

       The pole adds to unpredictability and circling the table means that it is not a static element, just as the hole isn't either.
xenzag, Dec 27 2012

       [+] though I would more favour the spots simply recognized as the opponents' table surface, which it is in the yin/yang symbology, rather than poles'n'holes which doesn't translate well ergonomically into a ping pong game.   

       Of course if you sucked air from one hole then blew it out the other . . .   

       or you could simply put a bell on the spots for a ding dong yin yang ping pong.
FlyingToaster, Dec 28 2012

       I love it. When I have time I'm going to build one. [+]
Alterother, Dec 28 2012

       I had a cat that was pretty good at ping pong.
normzone, Dec 28 2012

       Cool. Getting around the hole/pole advantage, you could just have a bump/dent arrangement.   

       also at some point the net would be very close to you but setting the ball just over it would be tough because the area behind it is small. Transversely where the net is farther from you it is easier to place the ball into the larger area. [later that night] I'm going to bake one for myself. (seriously)
Brian the Painter, Dec 28 2012

       //Your opponent shouldn't be allowed to force your hand like that.// Why not? Forcing your opponent to do anything is the essence of most games is it not?
xenzag, Dec 28 2012

       yin-yang Zugzwang, as it were
pertinax, Dec 29 2012


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