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Yo-yo Goo-blob

sticky yo-yo
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Yo-yo Goo-blob is a well engineered yo-yo embedded inside a blob of sticky goo. The string can run free, but the outer faces now feature two sticky blobs.

This means that as well as being able to perform the usual yo-yo tricks, the blob distorts and wobbles around introducing an element of chaotic motion into the action.

Because it’s sticky, the yo-yo can now be thrown against a wall or the ceiling where it will run up, down, or across the surface before the tension of the string rewinding unto the spool forces it to spring free again.

Its stickiness means it can also be used like a chameleon tongue to target and pick up small objects, which may then get flung off in any direction as the yo-yo spins back again. As it will accumulate a degree of dust and other particles over time, the goo can be restored to its original condition by simply washing it under a tap.

Yo-yo Goo-blob comes in several colours and blob varieties, and arrives in a special clam-shell container.

Ultra series takes the form of two replica eye-ball semi- spheres, complete with drifting cornea confined in aqueous humour and spider vein detail.

Manufacturers accept no responsibility for any injury or damage caused during use.

xenzag, Sep 26 2019

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       [+] When used as a defense weapon. DNA is automatically sampled.
wjt, Sep 28 2019

       I'm so jealous of the title I now want to create something else that could be a subcategory of your lovely Yo-Yo-Goo-Blob. Even backwards this is a great title. Magical Yay for YYGB!   

       Oh and the idea rocks too.
blissmiss, Sep 28 2019


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