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Re-chargable batteries included.
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The wrapping is only halfway off of the package and your daughter squeals with delight and races to draw the curtains closed and turn off the lights.
Tearing open the box, instructions falling unheeded to the carpet, she grabs each handle and jams her thumbs into the small depressions designed to keep the handles rotationally oriented on one another and begins skipping as fast as she is able.
"Nothing's happening dad."
"That's why we read the destructions first sweetie."
Placing a battery in each handle you turn the spindle to the first setting, hand the skipping rope back, and as she begins whirling it like a dervish the programmable LED lights comprising its length display a 3 dimensional Pac Man chomping around the living room and illuminating the length of the hall as she heads for the bathroom to get a darker look in the mirror.

Reading the rest of the instructions reveals twelve pre-programmed spherical displays as well as several settings for personal programs. With blue tooth recognition, double-dutch and group displays are possible.
Looks like she'll be getting a bit more exercise in the near future.

Proof of concept, (foiled again) http://www.ted.com/..._demos_the_orb.html
Thanks Dub [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 06 2008]

Here's one http://www.yankodes...ut-fun-jump-roping/
there was a better link including a video, will see if I can find it. [4whom, Dec 07 2008]

Ulp, I never thought to search for "jump" rope. Thanks Xan Lit_20up_20jump_20rope
Looks like POV rope was posted at one time as well. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 08 2008]


       + this sounds very cool!
xandram, Dec 08 2008


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