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Yonic spacecraft

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Everyone knows rockets are phallic. For the sake of equality, we should make some yonic spacecraft too. They might not be as aerodynamic, so they could be maybe futur istic-shu ttle-so rt-o f-thi ngs or some other kind of doe sn't-ha ve-t o-pu sh-th e-atmo sphere-ou t-o f-th e-w ay craft, instead of launch vehicles. Care should be taken to avoid implying undesirable implications by this, though (such as that men are powerful and women are subservient).


notexactly, Apr 04 2017

Rover Environmental Monitoring Station https://en.wikipedi..._Monitoring_Station
More phallic space hardware: Curiosity's meteorological sensors [notexactly, Jan 21 2019]

Temperature and Winds for InSight https://en.wikipedi...d_Winds_for_InSight
More phallic space hardware: InSight's meteorological sensors (derived from REMS) [notexactly, Jan 21 2019]

Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer https://en.wikipedi...l_Dynamics_Analyzer
More phallic (future) space hardware: Mars 2020's meteorological sensors (derived from REMS and TWINS) [notexactly, Jan 21 2019]


       Flying saucers.
nineteenthly, Apr 04 2017

       Hey, do you think maybe the design of the USS Enterprise was an attempt at sexual egalitarianism?
nineteenthly, Apr 04 2017

       Wha t's-wit hthe-sp acing?   

       Too much womb?   

       Too much 19 90s-scr een-wid th-a nd-brow sers-no t-be ing-ab le-t o-re wrap-te xt-accomo dation.
notexactly, Apr 07 2017

       It'd be an absolute cunt to steer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 08 2017


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