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YouTube Jukebox

Play the selected videos in a row
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Well, I think the title and summary are pretty self-explanatory. Do your search, pick the youtube videos you like and press play. Then sit back and enjoy the non-stop videos. Applicable to any type of video but I was thinking mainly of music videos.
PauloSargaco, Nov 28 2008

Baked with Playlists http://www.youtube.com/my_playlists
On the video page, click the Playlists button to add it [snoyes, Nov 29 2008]

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       Sorry, I'm gonna have to fishbone it, cause they kind of already have this.
theredbrigades, Nov 29 2008

       I had this exact same idea last week. I didn't post it because this is just the kind of idea that gets halfbakers lined up to tell you it is either baked or as easy to implement as opening a door.
zeno, Nov 29 2008

       Yo, [brigades], thanks, I didn't know. I looked and looked in halfbakery for a similar idea but I'm afraid I forgot to look in youtube :-). I'll delete this idea in a day or two.
PauloSargaco, Nov 29 2008


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