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Zambonis for all

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We've had a bit of cold weather here in the UK recently. One problem with this is that snow gets compacted and turns to ice on roads and pavements. This ice is both bumpy and slippery. You could pass local regulations to require people to clear the area in front of their house but a better approach might be to require householders to smooth and polish the ice in front of their house with their own mini-Zamboni (which doubles up as a lawnmower for the summer months). Then everyone could go around on ice skates, looking suave and elegant.
hippo, Jan 15 2010

lovely http://www.metmuseu.../hob_63.550.266.htm
[dentworth, Jan 15 2010]


       //a bit of cold weather //
Where's your sense of hyperbole?
We've had a Big Freeze - haven't you read the papers?

(I thought this was going to be an idea for free sugar, egg and Marsala desserts on prescription)
coprocephalous, Jan 15 2010

       +for the Skating on the pond vision, courtesy Currier &Ives.
dentworth, Jan 15 2010

       Best of all it was invented by someone French.
rcarty, Jan 15 2010

       Isn't this a wee bit of "magical thinking"...oh hipponess?
blissmiss, Jan 15 2010

       This would look ridiculous. Oh, and on this side of the pond we call them "courgettes".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2010

       Damn but you're right. Now that I think of it, I had a friend who used drive a red Chevy Courgette.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2010

       //red Chevy Courgette// I love courgette cooked in a sauce with red chevs. Plenty for everyone!
pocmloc, Jan 15 2010


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