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Zeno's Trilogy

The infinitely split movie series
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1. Write a good story.
2. Split it in two at a convenient point.
3. Storyboard, script and film the first half.
4. With the second half repeat from 2.

The product? A series of films that rush through the story at the start and get more and more bogged down in detail as they continue. The last film in series consists of nothing other than the closing scene of the story ending with a 30 minute slow-mo of everyone looking happy and cheering. 'The End' stays on screen for at least five minutes.

Not a backlash against the culture of padding series with extra films. At all. Honest.

st3f, Dec 19 2013

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the porpoise, Dec 19 2013

       You're Tolkien the piss?!
zen_tom, Dec 20 2013

       Wasn't the Star Trek series known for split infinitives? I like this idea.
AusCan531, Dec 20 2013

       So very few people see the morality in my teachings, well done. +
zeno, Dec 20 2013


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