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Zip line fire escape

For when the fire is on the lowest ten floors of a high rise
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This idea came to me as a way to avoid crowded sidewalks, but after watching a bit FOXchannel programming (footage of people jumping from burning apartments), it evolved.

The top floor of every tall building should be equipped with a dozen Zipline launchers. This would be a cannon that shoots a grappling hook out to the roof of another building, where fireman retrieve it and fasten it to something on that roof. Then potential victims of a fiery death can instead slide down to safety.

When the elevators and stairs are on fire, and there are too many people to evacuate by helicopter, an array of these tools could save many lives.

computerface2, Dec 15 2000

ResQline http://www.resqline.com/home.html
(uses a spool of wire to descend and a fan for resistance) [beland, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       what about the elderly who can't use it properly? many residents would be left to die.
lego, Dec 17 2000

       Baked. On oil rigs you grab a life jacket and put it on. Attached to the front is an escape tape, a reel of strong fabric tape witha descender built in. You just clip it onto the rig and jump over the side. Then pull a handle and hold to go down. Quickly.   

       Note: The tape is VERY thin but still VERY strong...!
CasaLoco, Sep 13 2001


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