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Zoetrope Tyres

Eyes on the road? - *yawn*
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When cycling at night sometimes, I notice that the flickering of the streetlights is in phase with the tread on my tyres. I have to go up a big hill just before I get home, and it is while travelling slowly up this hill that I witness my treads seeming to stand still.

If one were to impregnate images into the rubber, or it might be OK just painted (as the printing surface is set back from the contact knobbles), it would be possible to produce a little cartoon to take your mind off the pain of the ascent.

sild, Nov 13 2002


       And your eyes off the parked car ahead...
egbert, Nov 13 2002

krelnik, Nov 13 2002

       This is a great idea that I may have to try, but the word is Zoetrope. A heliotrope is a puffy purple bush flower.
RyanOceros, Dec 07 2002

       I know the tyres are not very wide but could one set on the left read - go faster. set in the middle read - optimum speed. set on the right read - hey hernia territory. :)
po, Dec 07 2002

       Oops! Thank you - changed title. Zoetrope does ring a bell from my schooldays.
sild, Dec 09 2002


       Did you fire up the wayback machine?
normzone, Feb 05 2011


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