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Zombies On A Tightrope

dress up as zombies and race across on tightropes
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This idea started off as being a series of parallel tightropes placed several feet above the lanes on a 100 metre race track. That is still the basic version, with the zombie walking being an additional event.

Dressing up in full zombie attire means that the competitors can now also be awarded points by a panel of judges for artistic impression, and degrees of difficulty. This means that someone who elects to complete the race with one arm torn off, or hops across on a single leg, can gain extra points even if they come in last.

Any technique is acceptable in the Zombies On A Tightrope race. The only requirement is that the competitors don't fall off, so crawling across, hanging below the wire, whilst dragging fake intestines along the ground is totally ok.

In the advanced category, competitors must bring a partner who acts as a helpless terrified victim being pursued across the wire, barely escaping the clutches of the teeth gnashing zombie.

xenzag, Jun 03 2021


Voice, Jun 03 2021

       Does it count if the zombie hangs from the titerope by the hole in his ribcage?
RayfordSteele, Jun 03 2021

       heck, he could zip-line through the holes in his wrists...   

       Actual mutilation is not encouraged. That's being saved for the surgical race, which is a totally different event.
xenzag, Jun 04 2021


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