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"At Swim Two Dancers"

an unpublished new book by De Selby
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De Selby was always devious and hid his real purpose, that being the dissemination of his pseudo science musings, by concealing them as asides and footnotes within the story telling genius writings of Flann O'Brien.

It has only recently come to light that the great De Selby generated an unpublished book which explained (inter alia): the nature of dark matter; a resolution of the Daggart Conjecture and a method of speaking in Hedge. (this latter skill enables Hedges to grow into infinitely elaborate topiary structures on receipt of a series of daily whispered commands)

The book was never written down and only exists in the form of detailed dance notation language.

For this final creative act, De Selby generated an obscure Flamenco Dance that delivers the entire book in Morse Code. Subtle waving arm movements were also choreographed into semaphore to add a layer of detail to the overall spectacle of communication.

"At Swim Two Dancers" - if you can understand it, you haven’t understood it. (HB idea 1111)

xenzag, Jul 06 2017

At Swim Two Birds https://en.wikipedi...i/At_Swim-Two-Birds
just get the book and read it [xenzag, Jul 06 2017]

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       I might try. I need something to make my subconscious and my consciousness wetware dance together.
wjt, Jul 06 2017


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