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"Bang Bang" Button

A button on a cordless drill that makes a gun noise
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I know many people that pretend their cordless drill is actually a pistol once in a while. It is just too satisfying to point it at a wall/person and pull the trigger a couple of times. It's really harmless I tell you.

It would be just slightly more satisfying though if the trigger on the drill made a realistic "gun shot" noise when pulled. Not all the time mind you. Just when a certain button is depressed at the same time or a switch is switched that converts the useful tool to a simple toy. It would have to be trigger activated though, because pulling the trigger is half the fun. No one wants to hold the drill with one hand and have to push another button with the other hand to make the gun noise. That would look so awkward.

macncheesy, Oct 06 2007

You want this http://images.googl...&q=nail+gun&spell=1
Isn't it disturbing that an image search for 'nailgun' yields xrays of people with nails in their head? [DesertFox, Oct 07 2007]

Or this https://www.protool...-21-drill-gun/3128/
[a1, May 02 2023]

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       If you place the torque ring on its lowest setting and grip the chuck with one hand, whilst pulling on the drill trigger switch with the other, you can do a good imitation of the sound of an Uzi.
xenzag, Oct 07 2007

       Or perhaps a set of wacky drill bits that make all sorts of unique sounds upon drilling...   

       Ok, we're gonna need the 12 gauge shotgun and the bullfrog. Let's put up these shelves, yea! [+]
daseva, Oct 07 2007

       Go all the way and have it fire out the bit? Maybe not... nice idea anyway [+}
vincevincevince, Oct 07 2007

       My Dad has an old manual hammer drill (branded Rawlplug, IIRC) with a side-mounted crank and pistol grip.
As a kid, I used to play with it because with its drum-shaped gearbox it made an excellent sub-machinegun. [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 07 2007

Dub, Oct 07 2007

       I think the button would need two alternate sound effects: A single shot, or, switch to machinegun.
macncheesy, Oct 23 2007


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