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"Before" body scans

kiosk Takes a full body scan of you and you put it in your wallet .
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An automated kiosk that takes a full body scan of you, and you put the scan in your wallet, or post it on the internet.

Later when your doctor looks at the break, injury, swelling or rash. he now has a before picture to compare it to.

And you got the thrill of going to the mall, entering a coin operated smoked glass kiosk, removing all your clothing, rubbing a photo wand all over your body, getting the cd or card, putting clothes back on, and emerging with the feeling of accomplishment and slight embarrassment.

(Collect them all.Trade em with your friends.)

If the photo scan takes off, we can add x rays, ultrasound and acoustic scans later.

"Before" body scans.

popbottle, Jan 14 2014

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       I thought a scanner that takes an image of your body before the scanner rays have an effect. After scans show new abnormalities that appear.
rcarty, Jan 14 2014

       // he now has a before picture to compare it to //   

       Doctors already have a 'before' picture: the Atlas of Human Anatomy, by Frank Netter. We're all built on the same basic template. They don't need a pre-injury x-ray of a specific patient's bone structure to know what needs fixing.
Alterother, Jan 15 2014

       It could be useful in malpractice suits. The patient would have "before the doctor messed up" evidence available!
Vernon, Jan 15 2014

       What [Vernon] said; this could well be used to protect patients and victims _from_ doctors, surgeons, and other authorities.
spidermother, Jan 15 2014

       Yeah, 'cause that's who we need protection from: the doctors. Those filthy, evil doctors.
Alterother, Jan 15 2014

       Yup ... iatrogenic ilnesses account for typically 20% of hospital occupancy (The Lancet, 1989).   

       But, and this is the important part, not // evil //. Unwashed, lazy, incompetent, undertrained, overtired - yes; but hardly ever evil. Malice is incredibly rare - the main danger is well-intentioned bungling.   

       // patients and victims //   

       Sorry, there's a difference ?
8th of 7, Jan 15 2014

       My mother is a physician, Borg.
Alterother, Jan 15 2014

       Does she wash her hands ?   

       Physicians are rather less dangerous than surgeons, and much less dangerous than psychiatrists ...
8th of 7, Jan 15 2014

       She does wash her hands, and she strives to ensure that her victims leave her ER in better condition than that in which they arrived.   

       Some generalities are fine; 'all pedophiles are bad people', for instance, is acceptable, but personal indignance aside I must refute the allegation that doctors are // Unwashed, lazy, incompetent, (and) undertrained //. They are sometimes overtired, but that's often the fault of HMOs and insurance companies rather than that of the physicians themselves.
Alterother, Jan 15 2014

       Ah yes, the USA is yet to experience the full benefits of a taxpayer-funded, centrally-planned, state-run health service.   

       Then come back and lecture about generalities ...   

       Unwashed - until quite recently, simple hand hygene was sadly neglected by many medics.   

       lazy - there are always a few ...   

       incompetent - if there were no incompetent doctors, there would be no malpractice suits brought ...   

       undertrained - junior doctors are expected to learn some things "on the job".   

       overtired - in the UK, there have been a number of scandals about the hours some doctors work.
8th of 7, Jan 15 2014

       Right, I forgot you live in the Olde Worlde, where people still drink from communal tin cups chained to the water coolers and chirurgeons sanitize their hands with tepid buttermilk.   

       Here in the Colonies, we have giant megacorporations that kill patients with numbers but go apeshit if a hospital employee forgets to use hand sanitizer after washing their hands.
Alterother, Jan 15 2014

       //people still drink from communal tin cups chained to the water coolers and chirurgeons sanitize their hands with tepid buttermilk. //   

       Oh, so you have been to Norfolk ... ?
8th of 7, Jan 15 2014

       Don't be ridiculous, [8th].   

       The last person to try drinking out of a cup in Norfolk was burned as a witch.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2014

       I just learn a friends encounter with a rototiller landed her in the hospital. If she had had a before picture of a normal leg and an after picture of a leg the rototiller walked up, how does that help her prove malpractice ?   

       Might help establish damages, if you sued the tiller company. But you can hardly expect the ambulance to stop by my kiosk for set of befores on the way to the emergency room.   

       Maybe a portable version ambulance chasing lawyers could rent when visiting emergency rooms. Hospital would be insane to let them in with such device.
popbottle, Jan 16 2014

       //Some generalities are fine; 'all pedophiles are bad people', for instance, is acceptable// sp. 'all sexual predators of children are bad people.' Pedophilia is a sexual proclivity, not an act or even an intent. Obviously there's a strong correlation, but not all pedophiles sexually abuse children and not all those who sexually abuse children are pedophiles.   

       [Alterother] I wasn't trying to generalise about doctors. I think doctors (GPs in particular) are mostly decent people; the profession seems to be getting over its traditional arrogance. But ordinary citizens need protection from those in positions of power. (I nearly said 'patients and other victims', which would have pleased [8th of 7], but didn't feel like being an arsehole.)
spidermother, Jan 16 2014

       // didn't feel like being an arsehole //   

       So why did you log in ...?
8th of 7, Jan 16 2014

       No offense taken, [spidey]. Thanks for the clarification as well; I kind of knew I was misusing the term, but I did it anyway, and you were right to call me on it. Everyone knows I can't be allowed to get away with that bullshit.
Alterother, Jan 16 2014


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