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"Best" hall-of-fame

Retire "best" ideas if they reach 500 votes.
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Retire individual "best" ideas to a "best idea hall of fame" if they reach 500 positive votes, or 6 months on the "best" list, or another appropriate criterion. That way, there can be some circulation of new ideas into the "best" list. There is a tendancy for people to vote for the incumbent. If the slate were wiped clean and the best list started from scratch, would the Panic PIN come out on top? I doubt it!
bushondrugs, Nov 27 2003


       Your first post and you want to change the way HB works. I've put up a link for you that Krelnik has put together. Read it and you will understand why this idea gets a fishbone.
Welcome to HB.
sufc, Nov 27 2003

       How cruel you annotators are. I think it’s a good idea and am proud to award a croissant. I don't see why ideas about the HB are necessarily bad from newbies when they have merit like this one.
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       Oops - just spotted that it's in the other [general] category so withdraw that + and replace with bone.
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       The ideas in the top 10 are there on merit. There are some on that list that I have voted against but over 100 users have voted for them.
This isn't a bad idea but it is one that I disagree with.
sufc, Nov 27 2003

       You're right, bush, Panic Pin probably isn't the best idea on the HB (not that it isn't still pretty damn good). And the "Best" list is a bit static, and skewed towards ideas that have been around for a while (although it's good to see AO's coffee cup in there barely a month after being posted); but that's no bad thing. The list isn't a kind of Top of the Pops/Billboard music chart (although it might have been when the HB started - I haven't been around long enough to know). Where it does come into its own is as a tool for newbies, second only to [krelnik]'s guide. One of the first things I did when I stumbled across this this site was to go through the Best list - reading through lots of well-recieved ideas gives you an idea of the tone of this place, what it's all about and how it works. The Best list might not reflect the true cream of the crop, but then the whole voting thing is not really what the site's about anyway. It's not like anyone's giving out prizes or anything.   

       Still, I'm pretty sure you can do what you want using customized views. You can make yourself a view that will display the highest voted ideas over the last six-months (crowned by a coffee-cup with an interesting bottom), best ideas posted by new users, even top ideas with no negative votes. That's the genius of Jutta's site design - if you don't like the way the data is presented to you, you can always make a bit of an effort yourself and tailor it to your own whims.   

       And by the way - Panic Pin is pretty unassailable, possibly because, being number one on the Best list, it's the most read idea here. Bizarre Metaphors has roughly two-thirds the votes of that idea. You suggest "retiring" an idea when it gets to five hundred votes - right now, Panic Pin has 460 positive votes. So even if this idea was enacted, it wouldn't make any difference at all.
lostdog, Nov 27 2003

       quite right, sloopy we have been waiting for you with drooling anticipation..
po, Dec 01 2003


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