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New category just for cats
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There seems to be an awful lot of discussion on cats here now, so I think there should be a category specifically for cats, instead of everyone posting their cat ideas in seemingly random places that are only just related to the idea.
Bert6322, Sep 07 2002

(?) When I told my cat about this idea http://www.moniplex...ndar/Annabelle2.jpg
she almost woke up. [DrCurry, Sep 07 2002]

a category specifically for cats http://www.halfbake...egory/Home_3a_20Cat
Baked, shirley? [yamahito, Sep 07 2002]


       A cat-and-toast category would be good.   

       <o-t> My interpretation of cat-and-toast idea: The accepted formula is buttered toast on a cat's back will create a spinning cat-and-toast machine, for reasons I won't go into now. I'd be more interested to see what would happen if you stuck two cats back-to-back (assuming we held them rigid so they couldn't both go the same way up) - which one would land on its feet, would they land on their side, or would they just spin? </o-t>
NickTheGreat, Sep 07 2002

       As you can see, it doesn't help.
jutta, Sep 08 2002


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