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Halfbakery: Perpetuum Mobile

Beans pour water over themselves
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pashute, Nov 13 2012

Perpetual Motion Machine Perpetual_20Motion_20Machine
Ditto [bungston, Nov 13 2012]


       So, you want a category for blank ideas?
(not my fishbone)
xandram, Nov 13 2012

       Actually I thought a category like this would bring up amusing ideas. But after reading your question I realize it probably wont. So I'll delete this after you confirm you read my answer.   

       Just being polite.
pashute, Nov 13 2012

       Maybe the process of the bean plant transpiration and evaporation, the enveloping canopy the surface energy production through photosynthesis converted to an invention idea for not a perpetuum mobile but a miniaturized self contained energy converting plant that gradually unfolds to its full size in the right conditions.   

       An expansive information machine .   

       A power plant that can be launched and unfolds to orders of magnitude.   

       The big bang machine that unfolds with the complicated information of existence.   

       The damn well law that if something happens once it is more likely to happen again than if it never did.   

       Something without the power to produce all of its own necessary conditions and grow in those conditions.   

       A machine that demonstrates admiration is a relationship to something that pwns you.
rcarty, Nov 13 2012

       All I can think of is a chair that converts into armor.
rcarty, Nov 13 2012

       Don't delete, if only to preserve [rcarty] 's post, which deserves recognition.
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 14 2012

       The plant does seem to have such a significant place in the world system that the seeeming perpetual motion of the universe is imparted to it, or at least the planet or the solar system. If space is empty maybe it is a perpetual motion machine but only the stuff in it slows down, like how the idea of the perpetual motion machine is ruined by materials.   

       Maybe this perpetual motion idea is a sort of optimism, albiet a niave optimism. The laws of thermodynamics and the conservation of energy is cynical, and an unnecessary realism. Everything becomes tired eventually and will rest even if energy or coffee is plentiful. That these laws are tiring ideas is the exact same machine. There is so much energy to keep going that it is a joke, entropy is a joke. The same law that says something will stop eventually because it runs out of energy, also promises that too much energy will also destroy it. What is the disorganization of matter other than energy breaking something apart. I suppose one can focus on slowing down and freezing or releasing energy and falling apart. Maybe I'll reject the laws of thermodynamics, matter, because it's tiring. Maybe this coffee thing is the right approach. I will simply speed up with ample energy until I disintegrate like any good pereptuum mobile. Given that energy can't really be destroyed why worry about losing it here and there or needing to procure it from outside. Maybe there is a thermodynamic bi-polarity that affects living things that is responsible for sleep and activity cycles. Plants seem to be less affected by it than animals.
rcarty, Nov 14 2012

       Now I think [rcarty] 's had too much coffee.
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 14 2012

       That's what I did. I wanted to make minor art.
rcarty, Nov 14 2012

       The alienation of being out of space.
rcarty, Nov 14 2012

       //I wanted to make minor art.// That's illegal.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2012

       An investigation into the socio-discursive regulations of illegalities.
rcarty, Nov 14 2012

       Don't you mean "An illegal discourse into the regulations of socio-investigation"? Same thing, right?
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 14 2012

       Any power plant like thing is going to be able to act funny. While thermodynamic laws govern all things they allow for such a broad range of activites that thermodynamic entities seem unregulated. However, all thermodynamic entities can be observed to follow paths of least resistance, or paths of relative least resistance. thermodynamic irrationalities can be observed such as when something climbs a hill rather than travelling around it. However, given variable potentiality thermodynamic entities render general laws of thermodynamics to mere rules unlike inanimate objects that do not generate their own energy. All of this can be understood in relation to a ball being thrown which must follow the laws of thermodynamics, and a bird flying, which only generally must.   

       Social laws of thermodynamic beings are also designed to produce rational paths of least resistance, for the most efficient beings to be selected. There is simply not efficiency in breaking too many laws, even ones like running a stop sign or theiving, because large amounts of regulated matter are impelled by discursive power to exert force against you. Just as it is usually within someone's rational interest to heed the laws of thermodynamics with behavioural awareness such as knowing when to be active, when to eat, and when to sleep, the social laws of thermodynamic beings must also be given similar consideration.
rcarty, Nov 14 2012

       I fail to understand how launching flower pots into envelopes with unregulated power perpetually defies thermodynamic beans.
pashute, Nov 23 2012


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