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"Don't listen to this"

Time delay for telephoning
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I've been told that on live television, in case anything terrible happens or they have to edit something out, there is a time delay between recording and broadcasting of a certain amount of time. I propose a similar, slight 10-15 second delay of telephone conversations on certain phones which would allow you, if you caught yourself, to stop transmission of the last 10-15 seconds of what you said and replace it with something more appropriate by punching the "Don't listen to this" button. For example, when you say something like "Thank you for helping with the class today, Mrs. Lily. And do you have any sex-uh, scissors, I'm sorry, scissors you could bring?" You can press the "Don't listen to this" button, and hear a recording of yourself saying, "Thank you for helping with the class today, Mrs.----and then you start to fill in.
monk, Nov 13 2007

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       Admin-this IS a real title.
monk, Nov 13 2007

       Its called a "dump" button   

       Used for years on live radio
evilpenguin, Nov 13 2007

       STOP this title shit! its not big and its not clever.
po, Nov 13 2007

       That only really works for one-way communication (like leaving a message on an answering machine). If you used this in a phone conversation, there would be a 20-30 second pause between your statement and the other person's - 10-15 seconds to be heard and 10-15 seconds to hear the response, assuming you were both using this. [-]
apocalyps956, Nov 13 2007


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