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"Hall of Fame" Hall of Fame

It's time we honored those who have honored so many.
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If you google "Hall of Fame" you'll get millions of hits. There have to be thousands of Halls of Fame. Name a sport and there's a HoF. Name a country/state/city/province and there's a good chance that there exists at least one HoF for that location. Name an industry and I'll probably be able to show you its HoF. Name an art form and there's likely a HoF for that too. There is even a video game HoF, a robot HoF, and an antique poison bottle HoF.

So how about a "Hall of Fame" Hall of Fame? Critera for selection could include: Which HoF... is the oldest? Largest (attendance, area, cost, etc)? Smallest? Shortest-lived? Has the oldest exhibits? Who had a part in creating the most Halls of Fame? Which organization(s) give the most to a HoF? I'm sure there are other criteria.

Gamma48, May 18 2009

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Perhaps an "Other/Recursive Idea" category is required? [Gamma48, May 20 2009]


       The 'hall of fame hall of fame' would simply include all the best halls of fame. Including itself, if it were good enough. What you describe is a 'best of' 'halls of fame'. If there did exist 'best of halls of fame' then there might be collections of the best of the 'best of halls of fame'. And these would be halls of fame, too, which would be included in the 'hall of fame hall of fame', if they were good enough. Note that this idea is different from a 'hall of fame hall of fame'.
daseva, May 19 2009

       Clearly the "Hall of Fame" Hall of Fame itself ought to be in the "Hall of Fame" Hall of Fame.
tatterdemalion, May 20 2009

       There's only one Hof.
Michael Knight in a hall of mirrors would be sufficient for this idea.
shudderprose, May 20 2009

       I propose a hall of fame for everything not currently in a hall of fame.
sninctown, May 21 2014

       Odd. I was wondering today how to phrase a Halfbakery best-of ideas idea.
normzone, May 21 2014


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