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"Happy Cuddle Club" aka - Nazi Reform Party

Nazis Gone Good
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They will strive to be the opposite of what the original Nazi party was.
L a z y M a n, Aug 06 2003

The Nazi Reform Party. http://groups.yahoo.../thenazireformparty
Already a Yahoo Group. Opening message claims not to be racist. Messages indicate White Nationalist and Arayan reports. Back to the drawing board. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]

Diversity http://www.shrm.org...finingdiversity.asp
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]

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       Baked: Diversity.
Shz, Aug 06 2003

       Baked. <link> "Progress and pride, not racism and hate."   

       Seems like a good idea. Till it fills up with White Supremacists and Arayans. Fishbone.   

       Call it the "Happy Cuddle Club" instead.   

       note: Idea name changed after this anno posted.
Cedar Park, Aug 06 2003

       damn... evil organizations always have cool logos...being a graphic designer i am ashamed to like the nazis and communist graphic designs, but everything else i disagree with. They give graphic design a bad name. nazis, turns out that they cant possibly be good or redeem themselves, no matter what. They're only good at being movie villans. I suppose that nazi reform is just simply what it says.. re- forming the party. not changing it to something good.
L a z y M a n, Aug 06 2003

       Thanks for the link... pretty interesting. Those loosers always end up misguided. hah. So, I'll vote against my own idea here and make it a full fish skeleton.
L a z y M a n, Aug 06 2003

       FYI <link>
Shz, Aug 06 2003

       The swaztika isn't a Nazi design - you'll see it on lots of products sold all over the world (particularaly in North-Eastern Asia). The symbol predated the Nazis by several hundred years and probably is a sun representation.

You're right though - you're not proper totalitarian regime till you've got a sweet logo.
custardlove, Aug 06 2003


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