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"Higher Tech" Traditional Windmill

The traditional "Mill on the Hill" meets 21st Century Wind Turbine
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One of the problems with the modern Wind Turbine is that they are not so well liked aesthetically, and tend to be placed in "out of the way" locations.

Our suggestion is to combine the visually appealing "Traditional" mill concept with a modern Wind Turbine - in that the Mill building remains as a useable building - accomodation, retail, industrial, with a modern turbine in the basement, linked to the sail assembly via a hydraulic transmission. Owing to the capability to provide multiple uses, such a system could operate on lesser efficiency levels than "Modern" turbines, yet still provide a useful power supply to the local grid. Reductions in sail speeds would reduce wear on head bearings, and the more massive (though less efficient) structure would be less prone to sudden catastrophic failures.

Soundproofing - can be by use of efficient roofspace insulation (which has thermal benefits), and the basement turbine room may be similarly insulated.

Such a structure might attract a premium as a desirable residence, which would help to offset construction costs.

Parrotile, Dec 22 2009


       ???? You lost me. Can I get a link or a vowel or something?
MisterQED, Dec 23 2009

       a Dutch windmill with modern blades, I think.
FlyingToaster, Dec 23 2009

       Essentially resurrecting the old American farmstead, oil soaked paper for windows and all. Those poly bladed wind mills (though poor by today's standards) were effective for pumping water and operating the family computer.
bdag, Dec 23 2009

       how does the wind turbine in the basement work? Is there wind there? [edit] on rereading, it's not a wind turbine, it's part of the hydraulic system that transfers the mechanical power to the basement, where it gets turned into electricity.
caspian, Dec 24 2009

       The "traditional" windmill still in existence in Golden gate Park were used to pump water up hill for the Park plants. The hydraulic transmission was last century's answer machine shop and mill drives in northern France. (FYI: hydraulic drive transmissions can be significantly more mechanically efficient than belts and pulleys and/or extensive gear trains.)
fasteddy, Dec 25 2009


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