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"Human" System Design Tool

Combine Theater Arts and Systems Analsysis and Design methodologies to create new business systems.
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CHASE: Creative Human Augmented System Engineering

Skilled (and out of work) actors can represent various business entities in a "totally immersive" design session.

A design session would take place in an open room with a SME (subject matter expert) directing the location, communications, and roles of actors. A scheme for different colored costumes (TShirts, hats, etc) would differentiate between the various kinds of business entities (e.g. Bank tellers, eCommerce websites, policy reviewers, transaction processors, filing cabinets, whatever).

The human design tool is important here because it's intelligent, can store a reasonable amount of information, and can represent complex functions. They're also life-size, so you can walk around, view them in context and change them, unlike some arcane graphical icon on a computer screen.

Actors are particularly valuable for this because they are used to being manipulated on stage to represent a specific concept, thus they can actively illustrate business concepts such as "listening for a message" or "busy". Also, they're objective, they won't come in to the design session with a business agenda to defend their turf or pet ideas.

So is this idea worth a stale croissant?

jpryde, Jul 21 2002

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       Since it is possible to play chess with live pieces, this should work. And it will get us ready for future generations of appliances with attitude (like in Hitchhikers Guide).
pfperry, Jul 21 2002

       retitled so it won't takeup the bulk of the space allocated to Business. Must be more concise...simplify, simplify...
jpryde, Jul 21 2002

       Oxymoron: Intelligent actors
thumbwax, Jul 21 2002

       What if one of the actors showed up sick, or had an accident? It's a little more risky than having something on a computer. Interesting idea, though.
canitbee, Jul 21 2002

       canitbee - True, people are often less reliable than computers, at least at showing up to meetings. Actors are getting paid by the performance so, in theory, they have some incentive to participate. You lead to an interesting point though, Computers *store* the results more accurately and reliably. So if you want to design additional features to a system previously (maybe a year ago?) architected with the CHASE system, you might have difficulty finding the same actors for the original roles and if you did, they might not remember all the nuances of their part. You'd have to start over most likely. hmmph.
jpryde, Jul 21 2002

       Sounds like a segment on Who's Line Is It Anyway? or one of those awful team awareness things. But not practical for anything, really.
DrCurry, Jul 21 2002

       This idea reminds me of the adaptors' movement theater shows that I've seen. Those shows probably had no effect of improving conceptual skills of the audience, since I don't believe anyone really understood what they were watching.
reensure, Jul 21 2002

       This idea could be used for sportsmen... A football team gets to watch a highly choreographed team of actors run through a tactic or play. The team can then copy the actors - and understand the formation quickly.
Jinbish, Jul 22 2002

       Wow, paper prototyping writ large.
bristolz, Sep 02 2002


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