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"Lego block" computer

Replace sound/video cards etc. in a "snap"
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Yesterday I installed a new CD drive and found it was a lot more difficult then it should be. So to make it easy for everyone to install a new part without any trouble just set up the computer with a series of slots that include power sources etc. so you can simply plug the new hardware in without any hassle. No more little screws to replace, no more searching for the right wire etc. It's a bit more work from the manufacturers but it would allow nearly everyone to install new components wihout any hassle.
mbracke, Aug 03 2003

Lego Mini-ITX case http://www.mini-itx.com/projects/legobox/
A Lego case ... getting closer [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]

Pockit: A tiny, powerful, modular computer https://www.youtube...watch?v=b3F9OtH2Xx4
[Voice, Apr 02 2022]

Transputer https://en.m.wikipe...org/wiki/Transputer
Transputer was a modular parallel computer with multiple CPUs modularly linked [chronological, Apr 06 2022]

Custom LEGO Computer Brick Has Working OLED Display https://www.tomshar...lego-computer-brick
processor is a STM32F030F4P6 (Cortex M0, 16K flash, 4K ram), screen is a QT1306P82 (0.42" OLED [Voice, Jun 10 2022]

The processor https://www.mouser....L02tVhJ92aI6g%3D%3D
[Voice, Jun 10 2022]

Snap Circuits https://www.elenco.com/snap-circuits-2/
Like this, but with computer components? [swimswim, Jun 10 2022]

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       Making hardware installs easier makes for more hardware installs, so the companies might do it anyway. Don't expect it anytime soon, though. Tradition ('legacy', in computerese) keeps that kind of change from happening any too quickly.   

       Still, a good idea, and probably one every computer owner has hoped for.   

       By the way, did I mention that USB, Firewire, etc., were supposed to do this? They do, a little, but still...
galukalock, Aug 03 2003

       Sounds like a PCjr or TI99/4.
supercat, Aug 03 2003

       Sounds like a Sun SPARCstation...
Shz, Aug 03 2003

       We've done the modular computer before (I'm not searching for it though). Computers are, generally, more difficult than they should be, but a lot easier than they have been.   

       For what it's worth, the day is coming when you'll bring your optical drive home from the store, set it on the desk in range of the CPU and have the two devices communicate with no futher effort on your part.
phoenix, Aug 03 2003

       That mutated into the modern day AS/400.
Shz, Aug 04 2003

       we may have done it before, but I'm with this one. All new cards and things should just slot in from the outside (and be able to removed just as easilyt). You would not find a "consumer" electronic device where you needed to unscrew the case, earthe yourself and halndle delicate electronic parts in order to, for instance, get one thing (e.g. a camera) to talk to another thing (e.g. a printer) so why so complex for a PC. THe fact is that PCI boards could easily be produced in an encased sleeve, and PCs designed to take them if there was any incentive for manufacturers to do so. The trouble is the first manufacturer who does this means that they restrict the consumer to buying only their parts, and there is a question of multiple standards arising. My estimate - although simple, easy to do, and of great benefit to the customer, it won't happen for years. However, if a manufacturer was brave enough, they could create themselves a real competitive edge in the home market.
goff, Aug 04 2003

       "You would not find a "consumer" electronic device where you needed to unscrew the case, earthe yourself and halndle delicate electronic parts in order to, for instance, get one thing (e.g. a camera) to talk to another thing (e.g. a printer) so why so complex for a PC."
Please. That's like complaining that it's too hard to modify your conventional television to display HDTV. Despite the hype, computers are not appliances. Yet.
phoenix, Aug 04 2003

       exactly phoenix, exactly.
goff, Aug 06 2003

       Google's first server/database case was built from Leggos. See it in the basement of the Gates Building on Stanford University's campus.
debussyman, Aug 06 2003

       Technology prevents us from building a total modulor computer. And that's kind of a good thing. Because technology keeps changing the way things work together and how they work. Build a modulor style computer using todays teachnology would stunt it's ability to upgrade. to a certian point. Just imagian a day when you 'download' a new device on your quantum computer. or 'download' a new computer using the local tachyon internet interface.
SaintProton, Sep 14 2003

       I would be really upset if things were TOO modular. I recenly moved my 3 1/2" drives (yes, I have 4), into my 5 1/4" bays to help reduce heat. I don't like it when companies tell me what I can and can't do with something I paid for. Of course, as long as my Dremel still works, I don't see anything I can't move/modify/overcool/light up.   

       Personal opinion, though.
Katt, Sep 14 2003

       // I don't see anything I can't move/modify/overcool/light up//   

       Heehee. God I love my Dremel...
Tiger Lily, Sep 14 2003

Letsbuildafort, Dec 16 2003

       I've been dreaming of a computer like this, basically just the CPU and memory were in the main module which was pager or PDA sized. The main module would have 802.11g+, bluetooth, some sort of wireless video, lots of USB slots, 2x gig NIC, a built in iRock would provide sound, some SD flash card slots. I think just about every peripheral is available USB2 might make for a mess of power cords tho. This was the basis for my wearable computer. I need a set of wireless video glasses but to my knowledge there is no wireless video standard. little help?
WhiteWiz, Mar 02 2004

       We have been working on making computers modular since the early 80s but had to let Moore's Law work its magic in order to make it practical. http://nextbend.com
nextbend, Apr 20 2004

       I have done some research and developement in such an area. One thing i succeeded in was making four computers into one milk crate. Much more room on the desk, in theory. But it didnt really have too much to do with this subject, im sorry for your wasted time.
downstroy, May 23 2004

       Wow Voice, very cool link, thank you!
doctorremulac3, Apr 02 2022

       Linked transputer.   

       It was a modular parallel CPU architecture.   

       You used a special programming language for it as the CPUs were separate but linked.
chronological, Apr 06 2022


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