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"Monster" Caffeinated "Lube"

Give your "genetic army" and partner an extra boost!!
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In recent years, caffeinated drinks have been the craze. It used to be that Mountain Dew would give you a sufficient amount of caffeine for your days worth of computer programmming and hardcore partying.

But..... Ever Since Red Bull has come to market, there have been many brands of "Monster" caffeinated drinks that include ingredients such as tarine and guarana.

Some facts about caffeine:

The affects of caffeine are increased metabolism, heartbeat, and awareness.

Than again, since the sexual revolution , innovations in fertility and the science of sex have progressed. We now have "mechanical aids", the internet, and erectional dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis to help when Johnson feels he needs to go on strike!

So, i propose Jiz (pun) branded: "Caffeinated Lube" containing 600mg of caffeine in a convenient gel filled package.

Not your mothers old flavored lube of yesterday, but rather for those gen XY-ers (okay, thats not a word) who like to drink 40 oz "monsters" charged with caffeine and guarana , but would like to feel selfless and let others feel the benefits!

Here are the benefits:

-just in case your partner decides to "falls asleep" on you, that'll never happen!

-Get those lackluster, out-of-shape, sperm excited by giving them a little boost of caffeine!

So, in the end you don't have to feel lackluster anymore because suddenly the both of you have something to be excited about at night and into the morning!!

compatta, Jun 05 2006

Foam for men Foam_20for_20men
One iffy sex idea deserves another... [ye_river_xiv, Oct 18 2007]


       I think I saw somewhere in the help section that this sort of thing falls under the "echo" category, in that adding caffeine to a given substance does not really make it an original idea.   

       And this would spoil after-sex naps.
normzone, Jun 05 2006

       is it a dance?   

       <deep voice>   

       do the monster caffeinated lube!<dv>
po, Jun 05 2006

       In general, (X + Y) ideas are frowned on. I won't MFD this, but no vote either.
5th Earth, Jun 05 2006

       I happen to like X + Y. X + X is what they do in San Francisco...
RayfordSteele, Jun 06 2006

       Caffeine promotes the growth of yeast, so this has a serious side-effect, no? It is suggested for treatment / prevention of yeast infections not to drink caffeine, nevermind apply it.
Shz, Oct 26 2006

       [+] Love caffeine. Love sex. Now put video games in there and you have a great invention. I may never leave the house again!
MoreCowbell, Oct 27 2006

       no, SF is y+y...
Voice, Oct 18 2007


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