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"Page Bottom" Bookmark Link on Each Page

Just like the "page top" bookmark link at the bottom of each page, but vice versa.
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Some popular ideas on the HB are rewarded with gobs of annotations. Since the new stuff is at the bottom, why not add a convenient little bookmark link to the top of each page, to match the "page top" one already in use, allowing users to jump quickly to the bottom?
XSarenkaX, Jun 26 2002


       you mean a page bottom? where would you put it? XS.
po, Jun 26 2002

       blissmiss, you understand what I want. Page up and down on the keyboard aren't quite as good in instances when annotations are extensive and seem to go on for pages.
XSarenkaX, Jun 26 2002

       yes but where is it to go? you lazy halfbakers! <sigh>
po, Jun 26 2002

       I can see this going between //meta// and //account// on the left navigation bar.
[ sctld ], Jun 26 2002

       I can't. (although I admit I use the page top quite a bit) whoops.
po, Jun 26 2002

       po, I don't care where exactly this shortcut link goes, as long as it's at the top left of each page, just as the opposite one is always at the bottom left of each page. Somewhere around the title of the idea or near the croissant or like [ sctld ] said, between the "meta" and "account" areas on the left.
XSarenkaX, Jun 26 2002

       I see the page top as a little luxury - I wish you would just give a thought to the mechanics of this place and the work it involves. Let your imagination roam in other fields than the HB. A lot of us quite like it as it is, thank you very much.
po, Jun 26 2002

       Ok, ok, I knew it was dangerous to come back into this category, but I don't believe in suppressing ideas.   

       Because this would be a standard bookmark link similar to what's already in use, and would be used on each page, as the one already in use, I thought my posting it for consideration would be pretty harmless.   

       To be clear, I'm not about revamping anything here. I like the site how it is, too. So before I inadvertantly offend anyone else out there, remember this is just an idea - not an order, not a criticism of the way things work.
XSarenkaX, Jun 26 2002

       //the work it involves//   

       really, po, this is really really easy to implement. I'm not going to suggest that jutta *should* do it, but it's certainly not a bad idea to consider.   

       Well done for being brave enough to come back to this bugbear XSX - not sure that was such a good idea, but there you go...
yamahito, Jun 26 2002

       if it is so easy - why so shy to suggest it?
po, Jun 26 2002


       And now you're here, you'll be wanting Ctrl-Home to get you back to the top again.
JKew, Jun 26 2002

       Fantastic! That will do nicely. Thanks, JKew.
XSarenkaX, Jun 26 2002

       Scrolling to the bottom seems like a rite of passage to me. It *should* be painful because it almost forces you to read what others have written. Really, are you just going to disregard what everyone else has had to say on the subject?   

       On the other hand, maybe we could sweet talk [jutta] into slipping this feature into [Vernon]'s ideas....
phoenix, Jun 27 2002

       It *would* be simple to incorporate, that is true. I dunno, though. I'm a scrollbar yanker myself, so I don't really have a problem. (In fact, until you brought it to my attention, I never noticed the page top link before.)
waugsqueke, Jun 27 2002

       Neither did I. I happen to have a wheel-mouse, so I use the wheel and the scrollbar interchangeably, as well as the cursor keys, page-up, page-down, ctrl-home and ctrl-end (I'm right-handed but use my left hand on the mouse).
angel, Jun 27 2002

       phoenix, I am absolutely not condoning the practice of disregarding all the annotations between the top and bottom of the page. This feature was suggested to alleviate slow or sloppy scrolling on popular ideas with extreme amounts of annotations AND when checking back for new annotations after having read them all previously.   

       For instance, the "Cream Cheese Rings" idea, which has been online for a long time now, has a lot of annotation attached to it. I recently made a comment and like to check back to see how people responded to what I wrote. The quick jump to the bottom of the page would then come in quite handy to me.
XSarenkaX, Jun 27 2002















sild, Jun 27 2002

       As Jkew said, there are ways to do this. In IE, right-click the scrollbar (I found this by accident) and click 'bottom'.
NickTheGreat, Aug 27 2002

       Do people not know how the "Home" and "End" keys work?
That said, the Bluetooth keyboard that came with my new computer doesn't have "Home", "Page Up", "Page Down" or "End"; and I'm slightly annoyed by that :-(
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 13 2021

       Nice job [a1] - as a cherry on top, I'd like it bound to the keypress shift+G, vim-style, with gg taking you back to the top.
zen_tom, Jun 14 2021

       Ah! Touchscreens. Ignore my last comment; carry on with the good works.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 14 2021

       This is an idea I forgot completely. Please note that it was posted way back in 2002, before I was aware that hitting the "End" key on the keyboard does this on all web pages. Let's call this idea "stale".
XSarenkaX, Jun 14 2021


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