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"Rush O'Reilly"

New Media Darling
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As the USA swings a little to the right, we need a spokesperson who is a little stronger and more opinionated than anything we have now. I propose "Rush O'Reilly." TAKE COVER!
markvalentine1, Feb 21 2001

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jutta, Feb 21 2001

       "Conservativism in a Nutshell"?
bookworm, Feb 21 2001

       Right along with bookworm, I thought this had to do with some form of instant O'Reilly book. I feel left out of the punchline here.
jetckalz, Feb 22 2001

       Sounds like a good title for a horror flick...
JimmyPiper, Aug 17 2003

       Baked - Sean Hannity and/or Neil Cavuto. (The latter claimed that those opposed to the Iraq war disgusted him and must be insane.)   

       Not much of an idea though.
waugsqueke, Aug 17 2003


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