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"Take A Penny" Exchange Network

To help fill the "take a penny, leave a penny" coffers of less-fortunate areas
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I'm certain there has to be places in this great land where the "take a penny, leave a penny" concept just hasn't quite gelled yet and I think this system could be used to keep all noble soldiers in the "take a penny" legions on a level playing field. Sort of like The Teamsters.
dgeiser13, Feb 23 2001


       Hey, Peter! If you think I'm recycling old ideas could you please point me to the original postings. I definitely don't want to steal someone else's thunder and had no idea that this idea had been suggested before.
dgeiser13, Feb 23 2001

       Preview of coming attractions:   

       "Take a dollar, Leave a dollar"
popbottle, Jun 28 2015


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