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"Too Warm" sticker for cold food

Temperature sensitive sticker changes color when temp gets too warm
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During packaging, a temperature sensitive sticker is added to the product; when the food reaches a temperature outside the "safe zone," it changes color (e.g., from white [safe] to red [danger]).

Different color codes could be used for frozen (-32°F, 0°C) or refrigerated (45°F, 7.2°C); e.g., blue/red for frozen, white/red for refrigerated).

The purpose would be to alert the grocer if the food has gotten too warm during transport, or the consumer if it has been too warm in the store.

This is prompted by an experience I had some years ago, when I discovered that the owner of a convenient store was turning off his refrigerated storage at night, to conserve electricity...

whlanteigne, Aug 17 2020

Non-Reversible Temperature Labels https://www.tiptemp...e-Sensitive-Labels/
[xaviergisz, Aug 17 2020]


       Nice to see you back here, [whlanteigne], but I think [xaviergisz] has got you bang to rights.
pertinax, Aug 17 2020


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