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"holographic" cylinder

distorted/anamorphic video projected on and corrected by shiny cylinder
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In an old children's "magic kit" there is this illusion/demonstration where you have this distorted (anamorphic) picture on a piece of paper. You set a reflective cylinder vertically on the paper. The distorted picture is corrected in the reflection on the cylinder (covered with aluminum foil) so that you can see an undistorted picture in the cylinder.

With an lcd screen, you could potentially program a distorted picture to appear and set a mirrored cylinder to reflect the image.

Could this potentially create a 3D "tank" effect?

I wonder why this hasn't been done. It can't be that original of an idea.

chrishvz, Apr 16 2004

3D using a rotating mirror http://www.cs.man.a...writing/PCW/vol.htm
[ldischler, Oct 04 2004]


       It could be 3D if the film rapidly vibrated in sync with the LCD screen so that you had some depth of field. There are already devices that use a rotating mirror, I believe.
ldischler, Apr 16 2004

       Nice link, [ldischler] - very interesting.
The volumetric swept 3D displays with rotating mirrors seem to be the only solution that is being developed.

It occurred to me: Why not use a standard TFT display, and rotate that vertically around the centre axis? As it rotates, it sweeps a 3D volume, and at each angle the display changes to draw the relevant slice of the image.
To improve, use two TFT displays, back to back.

By the way, the system in your link does not have hidden line removal, and nor does my idea.
Ling, Apr 16 2004


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