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'I'd do that for a dollar'

'How much would you have to be paid' website
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A website for fun. You get to vote on how much you'd have to be paid to do kind of unpleasent things.

Example question:

'How much would you have to be paid to eat a can of dogfood?'.

The options are £0, £5, £50,£200 etc up to about £20m

When you've voted -- you get bar graphs showing how others have voted .. and if you've (optionally) given your age or gender or location the stats further break down. See if you are more susceptable to the lure of money than other people. Does the average person require £5, £50 or £150 to let himself be stung by a bee?

Naturally users can input their own questions -- so once it's set up the website kind of runs itself. I suppose if you got loads of hits you could get some advertising revenue from it if this really needs to be a business idea!!

(Non-relevent boring fact of the day -- I was on Dragons Den .. hows that for half-bakery? hoorah!)

britboy, Nov 22 2007

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       I'll bake that for a dollar.   

       Seriously, I'll make it if you have no objections.
marklar, Nov 22 2007

       Sounds cool -- I have but 1 condition -- If it all works well and you do get some advertising revenue.. I get 20% before costs!   

britboy, Nov 22 2007

       [+] as long as other site members can stump up the required amount of cash to see you perform the task in question. Broadcast the act live via webcam, and the held funds are transferred to your account. I'll drink a pint of Elephant Cum* for a tenner. Any takers?   

       *Baileys and Lemonade
jtp, Nov 22 2007

       Before costs? that would be a bit harsh if it made less than it cost.   

       Anyway, if you are into the idea and want to help me with some of the promotion and content, we can go 50:50 on profits if you want.   

       I've just been thinking that a 'Deal or no deal' type site where you are given a scenario and a reward and you just say yes or no. They said this once on 'Green Wing'
marklar, Nov 22 2007

       I'm not really a business man so I'll change it to 'You can do it no problem, and just give me whatever you think is fair if it turns good'! You can't beat that!   

       I think 'deal or no deal' is very cool in its simplicity but may restrict the stats that could be produced (average money peopel require for example would be gone). Also it makes the question writing extremely difficult as you have to try and get the amount of money 'just on the mark' otherwise you'll keep getting 99% of people that go one way .. for that reason personally I'd stick with 7 or 8 monetry amounts to choose from.   

       But it's your call it's your baby now!   

       Also if you did it you'd need some form of moderating as after about 2 minutes kids and idiots are going to be writing questions like 'How much would you need to be paid to f**k Mike Smith's mom'. You could do 'auto-moderating' where people can 'report abuse' and after 5 reports it auto-deletes the question or something .. I dunno .. up to you.
britboy, Nov 22 2007

       Dude. I don't mean to be all wack and shit, I mean, like, I'm respekking you an'all. It's just that "milf" can sometimes come over as being a little bit misogynistic, innit. You dig?
zen_tom, Nov 22 2007

       Yeah, ick. It's going to be about ten minutes, tops, until this turns into "I'd do her/him for a dollar".   

       You were on Dragons' Den? Cool! What did you pitch?
jutta, Nov 22 2007

       No worries, but I'm still confused - Wasn't Mike Smith that slightly shite DJ from the '80s - his mum must be at least 70.
zen_tom, Nov 22 2007

       Gike Smith? What?
calum, Nov 23 2007

theleopard, Nov 23 2007

       "slightly shite" I love that.   

       It'd be "Gike Sgith", surely.
Murdoch, Nov 23 2007

       We're talking a mother's mother here people. What do two 'm's make?
theleopard, Nov 23 2007

       MM. Let me think about that one.
Murdoch, Nov 23 2007

       I'll eat a can of dog food for $200 USD. But I get to pick the can. [+]
Noexit, Nov 23 2007

       Perhaps pictures and videos could be uploaded, if someone actually decides to carry out the idea. Of course, there would be a lot of fakery there.   

       Dragon's Den? I love that show! What were you pitching? Better yet, which episode? A Baker on Dragon's Den...what are the chances?
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 23 2007

       That's too cool [britboy]. You da man.
I'd be scared witless, they really expect to see some dotted I's and crossed T's 'fore they fork out any dough.


       Way to go [britboy], funny idea too+
zeno, Nov 24 2007

       I was pitching a way to link your exercise bike to your home computer to see 3D graphics, race on the internet etc. as you cycled away.   

       I had a 'full pitch' on the telly -- not one of those 'Also appeared' 20 second jobs but the full thing! The dragons fishboned me to death :)   

       Needless to say -- they ripped me to peices. Anyone remember me? Link your exercise bike to your PC using this hardware and software? No? Oh well! (Climbs back into shell!)
britboy, Nov 25 2007


       This would make a good gameshow. How much would you take to eat this cockroach? The lowest bidder eats it and gets the money.
hugeboofhead, Nov 25 2007

       [hugeboofhead] I like it. Related idea: Who would you do for a dollar? (somewhat baked on Indecent Proposal)
simonj, Nov 26 2007

       Big kudos to [britboy] for getting as far as that. This bun is really for that, though this idea isn't bad either. [+]
pertinax, Nov 26 2007

       Any chance of seeing your DD appearance on Youtube??
simonj, Nov 26 2007

       No. I was the first guy to appear on the last episode of the 2nd season (!!).   

       Had the red letter days girl there when I was on (who then went bust .. hohoho).   

       Some interesting facts .. you get up there and when they start laying into you, you hear this dull 'click', and just off screen a 3kw bar heater gets turned on, sending heat at you! As they get more nasty to you you here more clicks .. by the end they had 5, yes FIVE bar heaters trained directly on me .. whilst under their desk the dragons have personal air conditioners.   

       So, unavoidably, you start swerating like a pig. It's not the pressure .. I knew exactly what I was getting into .. it's the heaters! Guess thats TV for you.   

       Also you have to sign a form saying you will 'accept directors requests'. They didn't say anything to me .. but one other guy who was being filmed on the same day as me said the dragons told him 'His product s*cks' (basically), and he just smiled -- the director shouted 'CUT CUT STOP everyone please' and instructed him that when the dragon said that sentence the pitcher had to look miserably at his shoes for 2 seconds. And the thing was re-shot!   

       As I said -- be careful with watching factual TV -- deep down, they're making a show for entertainment.   

       (Final boring fact -- behind the camera there are actually about 50 studio geeks watching as well, so theres hardly just you and the dragons in the room. Also -- yes you do have to film 'Noddies' as they only have 1 camera ... oh .. and they made us wait for 5 hours before filming which was very dull)
britboy, Nov 26 2007

       Sheesh! You'd think they could afford more than one camera.   

       I'd rather get paid in dollars. I'm AMERICAN and our forefathers fought bravely against the Queen so that we would be able to use dollars and not L's, so I would insist on dollars. It's all about the BENJAMINZ BABY! ;)
JohnnyB11, Aug 27 2009

       //I'd rather get paid in dollars. I'm AMERICAN and our forefathers fought bravely against the Queen so that we would be able to use dollars and not L's, so I would insist on dollars. It's all about the BENJAMINZ BABY! ;)//   

       [see linky]   

Custardguts, Aug 27 2009

       //fought bravely against the Queen so that we would be able to use dollars//   

       So in what great "American" University are you a History or Economics major ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2009

       The problem is the backers would need a reserve bid. (reverse reserve bid?) Above this number the bet wouldn't be paid off. This would mean the deal would usually fall through. And if you make the reserve public it becomes much less interesting.
Voice, Sep 27 2016

       Hey you know, the Queen is a better fighter than people know. Have you ever seen anyone even try to hit her? See? Intimidation. I suspect she's got a lethal Oddjob brim on each of her hats, as well.   

       As for economics, he probably didn't go to the school that much of the famed isle did that encouraged Brexit.
RayfordSteele, Sep 27 2016


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