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'Print Screen' for Audio

(and Video)
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I quite often use the 'Print Screen' feature on my computer (although *never* for taking copywrited images where the right-click has been disabled, of course).

My proposal is to have a further two buttons called something like 'Print Speakers' and 'Print Screen Action' (So what if they don't have anything to do with printing - neither does the current anymore).

The 'Print Speakers' feature would record all the sounds the computer makes (except for the processor beeps) for the duration the button is pressed as a .WAV file or similar, and store them to the clipboard. The 'Print Screen Action' feature would do the same but with everything on the screen. It would then be fairly easy to save it as a file.

This would have benefits for those 'How to use a Computer' demos that currently only have screenshots, and I'm sure that other uses would be found.

If anyone knows a better category title, or name for the new buttons, please tell me (and give me a bun while you're at it).

dbmag9, Aug 13 2005

FRAPS http://www.fraps.com
//Fraps can capture audio and video up to 1152x864 and 100 frames per second!// [Laimak, Aug 13 2005]


       Total Recorder does this with audio.
nineteenthly, Aug 13 2005

       There are currently ways to do that now, but you have a very good idea where there should be a button on the keyboard that you press to start recording and one to press to stop recording at any given time without having to do any other type of application setup.   

       Sound Recorder (which is a native windows application) will do this (with some configuration work).. Just change your volume settings for the recording device to the main mixer slider and everything that you hear out of your speakers will be recorded to a WAV file.
Jscotty, Aug 13 2005

       I have taken many Photoshop tutorials that are basically the same thing, its a video of a screen with a man walking me through it, and it also has verbal, so I hear his voice throughout the whole session. But, to have a button that would allow me to do this myself? -brilliant. Sold [+]
Gryph, Aug 13 2005


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