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'The Who' Moditor

"That's just it Jim, I don't give a monkey's arsehole about Mods and Rockers, I just don't want to be caught surfing the internet."
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Turn your monitor into a replica Mod's scooter by attaching a vast array of mirrors around it. Look cool and subversive in your green mac and tight suit whilst surfing the net in safety, always able to keep an eye out for the boss.

# People try to get us down,
# - Talking 'bout my generation,
# Just because we get around (on the web too much during working hours),
# - Talking 'bout my generation.

theleopard, Jan 12 2007

(?) Example Mirrors http://www.v-four.f....uk/scooters/17.htm
Proper old school... [theleopard, Jan 12 2007, last modified Feb 25 2008]

Quadrophenia http://www.quadrophenia.net/
For those unfamiliar with London in the 1960s. [theleopard, Jan 12 2007]

Brighton, 1964 http://news.bbc.co....2511000/2511245.stm
[hippo, Jan 12 2007]

That World's Tallest Man / Dolphin story (it needs to be told). http://news.bbc.co....pacific/6178659.stm
I like the idea of people automatically thinking, "I know, we need the World's Tallest Man! He's the only person in the World who can save these dolphins!" [theleopard, Jan 12 2007]

Brighton '64 re-enactment society Brighton_201964_20Re-enactment_20society
Fun. [theleopard, Jan 13 2007]


       Wouldn't half your office then have to be full of rockers, with their desks and monitors covered in black leather and studs? Wouldn't you have to go and fight them in the car park in your lunch hour?
hippo, Jan 12 2007

       It's not essential [hippo] but that might be fun. You can go the whole hog and stick to every part of the lifestyle if your colleagues will roll with it. Probably have to clear it with HR first though. Killjoys.   

       In some convoluted way that got me to thinking about those battle recreators that act out Medieval, Roman or Victorian warfare on the plains of Salisbury on a Sunday afternoon. Do you think they could pass their talents to recreating the Brighton riots of the 60s? The reverance in which they hold their own attention to detail and battle skill would lend quite a tribute to the age old battle of Mods vs Rockers. And it would be really funny to watch.
theleopard, Jan 12 2007

       Excellent idea - I think you should post it as a separate idea: "Brighton 1964 (see link) re-enactment society", or something.
hippo, Jan 12 2007

       He's a internet wizard
There's got to be a twist
An internet wizard
He's got such a supple wrist


       ... mmm....
jonthegeologist, Jan 12 2007

       Am I the only one here who regularly cuts-and pasts halfbakery ideas into some misc. cell of a work spreadsheet (unsaved), then spend the next 5 minutes scrolling through that cell, safe in the knowledge it looks like I'm working?
britboy, Jan 12 2007

       I don't - when I'm at work I just use the "lr" option - http://www.halfbakery.com/lr/
hippo, Jan 12 2007

       Yeah [britboy] there are ways round it, but sometimes you need to search for certain things on Google to disprove/accentuate others' ideas or find a fitting image to describe your own. These things will inevitably come from very obvious websites and can be seen by passing managerial staff. Sometimes you need a quote from an old mathematician to support your thesis, or a BBC news report on how the World's tallest man saved the lives of two dolphins in order to implement your patented Aquatic Mammal Recuccitation Device. The need is endless!   

       And dare I say it, sometimes, and I'm not talking all the time here, just sometimes, you might want to look at the internet for reasons other than baking...?
theleopard, Jan 12 2007

       I'm an avid lrer too - but I do like the idea of a spreadsheet packed full of hb ideas, complete with annotations etc, one per cell.   

       The spreadsheets they use here are the typical Microsaft and contain 16,777,216 cells (I just spent the morning counting them). Now I don't know how many ideas there are in the 'bakery, but I'd venture a guess at there being fewer than 16 million. Next step is to find someone with a bit of spare time who can carefully transplant each bakery idea into its appropriate place in the spreadsheet.   

       As for the idea, it gives me both a desire to feed the pigeons, and an enormous sense of well being.
zen_tom, Jan 12 2007

       I'm not sure I want Pete Townshend to mod my pc. You never know *what* might end up on it...
wagster, Jan 12 2007

       Yes [tom], but what I'm looking for is a monitor that can contribute to what England has given to the world: culture, sophistication, genius. A little bit more than an 'ot dog, know what I mean?
theleopard, Jan 12 2007

       [theleopard] I agree with your comment on the WTM story in the link - I thought the same thing when I read the story, that it was almost like a superhero story: "This Dolphin is dying - no one has the unnaturally long arms required to reach down its throat into its stomach! - This is a job for Worldstallestman-Man!!!"
hippo, Jan 14 2007

       I know, it's amazing isn't it? I can imagine him having a red flashing telephone in his house (with an extra long cord, of course) upon which he receives distress calls from concerned fishermen, ladderless firemen and disgruntled kite-fliers from all over China. He then dons his extra long cape, extra long latex gloves and extra long rubber boots and bounds out of the house in a manner befitting a Quentin Blake cartoon, saving the day in the nick of time before tucking in to an extra long sandwich.
theleopard, Jan 15 2007


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