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Sticky Note Conveyor

Add to your monitor's Post-It note real estate
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Seems like some folks' computer monitor surrounds are plastered with sticky note reminders until there is no more space. Clearly, these people would use additional space if they had it.

A solution: vertically oriented conveyor belt mounted to the side of the monitor. The conveyor would be controlled by software through a USB, FireWire, etc. connection. Modes include slow scrolling, frame-advance and manual.

See illustration for a rough idea of what a single belt installation would look like. Mount one on each side and one horizontally on top of the monitor if desired.

half, Nov 22 2003

Illustration http://half_crazy.tripod.com/hb/sticky
[half, Oct 05 2004, last modified Feb 05 2005]


       Nice illustration, you must have spent a lot of time on it. The belts should have a camera somewhere at the back that scans the post-it-s into the computer. After scanning a litte robot hidden behind the monitor takes the note off the belt and discards or archives it. That way you have the convenience of scribble notes and you always have a fresh piece of belt available.
kbecker, Nov 23 2003

       Odd...the link worked from some of my machines but not others. Try this new one. Not much to see, but hopefully it will work this time.
half, Nov 23 2003

       Worked for me, and I won $50 for looking at it. Thanks half!
waugsqueke, Nov 23 2003

       You're welcome. I'll take my percentage in small unmarked coins, please.
half, Nov 23 2003

       Could you introduce a fast-lane and a slow-lane - possibly on either side of the monitor? The important post-it notes would be attached to the fast-lane and would rotate into view frequently, whereas the low-priority ones would go into the slow-lane and could therefore disappear behind the conveyer for long periods of time. A small recepticle underneath the conveyer would collect the notes which fell-off after a period of time, acting as an archive.
dobtabulous, Nov 24 2003

       Nice one, [half]. (+).
lintkeeper2, Nov 24 2003

       I'm tempted to build a prototype of this idea using one of those motorized tie racks. Maybe use a serial or parallel interface... Interesting...
KLRico, Nov 25 2003

       It would be pretty simple to implement on/off, even some speed control with a parallel interface.
(Honestly, I've been looking for an excuse to buy the hardware to tinker with USB hardware interfaces. That's the real reason I was thinking about USB.)
half, Nov 25 2003


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