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[Marked-for-Deletion] bumper counter-stickers

The title says it all.
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Standard package comes with a variety of sizes, to be used for covering (or slapping across the middle while leaving visible most of the original message, if censorship isn't your cup o' tea) offensive bumper stickers.
21 Quest, Dec 30 2011

[marked-for-deletion] stickers http://www.halfbake...-deletion] stickers
[mouseposture, Dec 30 2011]


       [+] but why the mfd ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2011

       I think it's a conceptual [m-f-d] i.e. to mark an unwelcome bumper sticker for deletion from someone else's car.

       An alternative would be the No! roundel - not sure what it's called, but imagine the Ghostbusters sign without the red circle and slash - it's just a ghost - and then imagine splashing the red on top - it'd be a reasonably satisfying feeling I think.

       I don't tend to see that many bumper stickers round these parts, so I haven't had the time to build up any great annoyance from them - but if I did, a stash of these would be great.
zen_tom, Dec 30 2011

       [+] except for the text "marked for deletion": too much of an in-joke. Despite the bun I will giggle if a mod deletes this post based on a quick look at the title.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2011

       How about a transparent 'pixelated' overlay sticker?
AusCan531, Dec 30 2011

       This is an obscure cult-culture reference that would almost immediately catch on with 30 billion self- styled hipsters have absolutely no idea what it means.

       I want one. T.G.F.J. also wants a line of T-shirts emblazoned with the cloven croissant and a selection of the choicest taglines (but no mention of the Halfbakery itself). Unfortunately, we both know we can never have these things, because that would mean crass commercialization of something beautiful and unspoiled.
Alterother, Dec 30 2011

       [Alterother] <link> A little bleach, and you're all set.
mouseposture, Dec 30 2011

       Hmmm...I was under the impression that some automated system in the HalfBakery scanned text of recent Ideas, looking for the key phrase that would trigger deletion. That would doom this one, regardless of what the moderators think about it.
Vernon, Dec 30 2011

       Oh... Well, there ya go. Thanks, [mp].

       Oh, and, [Jutta], when I said 'crass commercialization of something beautiful and unspoiled', what I really meant was 'inspired and artistic way to fund something beautiful and unspoiled'.
Alterother, Dec 30 2011

       Vernon, my understanding is that all it does is trigger a notification to alert a moderator, who then looks at the idea to determine if it's [MFD]-compliant. If the moderator agrees with the MFD, then the moderator either contacts the author of the idea via email, or deletes it him/herself if the idea is super-offensive. Jutta deleted a post of mine once, titled 'Bolshevik Bangers', because she found it highly offensive.
21 Quest, Dec 30 2011

       I rather like the idea of an easy-to-apply bumper-sticker invalidator, which is why it annoys me that it will show up in the mfd pile at some point unnecessarily.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2011

       Really? She thought 'Bolshevik Bangers' was offensive? And this came as a surprise to you?
Alterother, Dec 30 2011

       I thought it was a decent weapon idea...
21 Quest, Dec 30 2011

       Well, many weapons, like bumper stickers, can be offensive. Some more so than others. I just hope you learned your lesson.
Alterother, Dec 30 2011

       I'm just hoping that someday some of these folks will kindly remove their Gore 2000, Kerry 2004, McCain/Palin 2008 etc stickers eventually.
RayfordSteele, Dec 30 2011


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