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“Encore!” at the theatre

Get those actors to perform an encore
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At concerts it is reasonably common for the audience to call for an encore. The performers will then pick up their instruments and perform a little extra piece (as opposed to pop concerts where, bizarrely, the band will save their one big hit for the encore).
This idea is that this practice should be extended into the theatre. If the play was especially good, the audience might call for an encore and the actors would have to carry on the action of the play beyond the point envisaged by the playwright, either through improvisation or by preparing this in advance. For some plays this could be hard; E.g. King Lear - most of the characters in the play are dead by the end, so the encore would have to explore the relationships between the characters in the afterlife. For others, like Uncle Vanya (which I saw last night, by the way), the characters would sit around as winter set in, getting drunk on vodka.
Actually this isn't a very good idea, but you can't deny that it's halfbaked.
hippo, Nov 01 2002

ESPN Classic http://espn.go.com/classic/schedule/s/
Per hippo's anno [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I won't bone this idea because in certain situations it could work. On the whole though I think it could be quite nasty and spoil the effect of the production.   

       I was taken to a Boney M concert not long ago and the crowd was so enthusiastic that they ended up performing *eight* encores. It was a lot of fun (and Boney M are not daggy).
madradish, Nov 01 2002

       you are wrong [hippo] its a very good idea.   

       with something like the mousetrap - which I have never seen - I imagine some flaw in the detective's deduction might go on to reveal a completely different villain in the encore.
po, Nov 01 2002

       [madradish] I'm now humming "Brown girl in the ring" thanks to you.
[TwoSheds], you know that there's a whole new idea in your annotation: "Choreagraphed Exhibition Football Matches", where the entire match is planned and choreagraphed as carefuly as a ballet - fans would go, not to see who wins, but to see beautiful football.
hippo, Nov 01 2002

       Maybe you're right [DeuxHangars], but I bet there'd be people who'd pay to see, for example, a reenactment of the 1966 World Cup final.
hippo, Nov 01 2002

       Actually they have a whole TV channel devoted that here in the U.S., hippo. It's called "ESPN Classic" (ESPN and ESPN2 being the main sports channels here). They don't re-enact the games, just replay the broadcast.
krelnik, Nov 01 2002

       //An encore might be a cue to perform an alternative or different ending //   

       further to a previous discussion in this category. I directed a play which had alternative endings. we called it dramocracy. one night we were requested to play the alternate too. which we did. sorry, a little baked.
etherman, Jun 08 2004

       In the case of King Lear, in which most characters are defunct and the final curtain, the cast could perform a "PREQUEL"
mongmaster, Jun 08 2004

       There's generally an encore after a musical, does that count?
harderthanjesus, Jun 08 2004


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