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“Hi-Fi” Turntable

“Plays” “records”
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The advantages of vinyl audio recordings are well established.

This idea replicates all the tactile, aesthetic and practical “advantages” with all of the downsides.

A vinyl “record”, with all the grooviness and labels of a standard vinyl record, conceals within it a solid state memory full of digital music, and a near-field communications device.

Place it on our “turntable”. Hit the start button, and hear your favourite tunes in all their glorious distorted glory.

The turntable device spins the plastic pointlessly, and adds clicks, crackles and rumble, to give warmth, life and authenticity to your listening experience.

Frankx, Sep 26 2019


       The subtitle to this idea says that it //Plays “records”// - I think what you meant to say is that it //“Plays” “records”//
hippo, Sep 26 2019

       Hmm, yes. Fixed.
Frankx, Sep 26 2019


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