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a stapler that squeals when you pick it up and its empty

it saves so much time
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I don’t know about you but I always feel a bit foolish when I square up all my papers, line up my stapler and then nothing …
po, May 29 2012

Colo(u)red staples https://www.google....a2&biw=1780&bih=913
[UnaBubba, May 29 2012]

springwatch http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007qgm3
apols if its unavailable to the colonies... [po, May 30 2012]


       This stapler of yours, po. Is it steam powered by any chance?
DrBob, May 29 2012

       The true stapler ninja knows how many staples are left by feeling the weight of the stapler when they pick it up.
hippo, May 29 2012

       no, [DrBob] its powered by mice.   


       only kidding - that wouldn't be good on so many levels.
po, May 29 2012

       You could always try a hamster.
skinflaps, May 29 2012

       How about strips of staples made with three fluorescent orange staples at the end?
pocmloc, May 29 2012

       how would that help? Oh, you mean I could be forewarned. No, I don't want coloured staples - that would spoil the look of my documents.
po, May 29 2012

       Actually beautiful colored staples would be rather cool. However that wouldn't solve your issues. I think squealing is much better, and fun. +
blissmiss, May 29 2012

       //The true stapler ninja knows how many staples are left by feeling the weight of the stapler when they pick it up.//   

       I smell a Saturday Night Live bit. "Sahito Jones, Office Ninja"   

       Central casting office worker type: "Hey Sahito, just making some copies here."   

       (haunting bamboo flute plays in the background as shot cuts to Sahito stutinizing the copier, as if seeing that which others cannot see."   

       Sahito Jones: "Do not bother. Toner is low."   

       Ehh, maybe not.
doctorremulac3, May 29 2012

       //a stapler that squeals when you pick it up and its empty//   

       It should wait for you to staple it while empty, and then sound loud alarm sirens and flash projections up onto the ceiling saying "Foolish Person Below". Why waste the feeling?
phundug, May 29 2012

       Actually, shouldn't it squeal when the last staple is used forcing the person to refill it, or in my case, throw it out the window?
doctorremulac3, May 29 2012

              //The true stapler ninja knows how many staples are left by feeling the weight of the stapler when they pick it up.//      

       Whereas the Western equivalent, the staplerslinger, is perfectly adept at counting expended staples, even in the heat of combat.
Alterother, May 29 2012

       //wait for you to staple it while empty // exactly what I'm striving to avoid.
po, May 29 2012

       I have an electric stapler that has a light that comes on when the stapler is empty.
ytk, May 29 2012

       The Stapler Juggler never runs out of staples
hippo, May 29 2012

       What about one that sniffles when half-empty, sobs when 3/4 empty and wails loudly thereafter?
Phrontistery, May 29 2012

       A flexible belt loading a continuous stream of staples from a huge hopper in the basement of your office building?
pocmloc, May 29 2012

       How about a see-through stapler?
xenzag, May 29 2012

       I'll buy a dozen.
UnaBubba, May 29 2012

       I like the rainbow hue staple pack idea. When they start to red-shift, you know you're stapling too fast.   

       How bout one of those staplers like in the high-end photocopy machines in which you don't load staples, but a spool of wire and the staples are made inside? To avoid running out of wire, have a built-in wire extruder connected to a large vat of molten staple metal, and... oh never mind.
sqeaketh the wheel, May 30 2012

       // How about a see-through stapler? //   

       Swingline makes (or made) a model with transparent plastic tops that came in various colors.
Alterother, May 30 2012

       How about a stapler that opens when the pusher reaches the empty position and won't latch until a new rail of staples is added?
WcW, May 30 2012

       gawd that's so sexy [WcW] - you've been watching Springwatch, obviously.
po, May 30 2012

       I'm feeling sexy today.   

       re: I'm going to now, looks interesting.
WcW, May 30 2012

       A solid U-shaped piece of metal stock, which the stapler cuts a slice out of and then staples with. As you approach the end of the bar, the slices get progressively thinner, to the extent that you never ever run out of metal to make staples from.
mitxela, May 30 2012

       ... a stapler that self-destructs if you let it run out of staples, then taking half an hour to reassemble.
FlyingToaster, May 31 2012

       A stapler with an autonomous robot assistant that scavenges your office for staples to extract from old reports, straighten and reuse.
pocmloc, May 31 2012

       [one vertical staple and one horizontal staple]
xandram, Jun 01 2012

       <crosses my elf><my elf is a catholic!>
po, Jun 01 2012

       Transparent bodied stapler? Or a microswitch which sounds a buzzer when the last staple's been struck. I liked [UnaBubba]'s link, but simply colouring the last few staples of a block of staples (so you can see when you're coming to the end) would be much easier/cheaper
Dub, Jun 03 2012

       Welcome to the party, [Dub]. Don't feel too bad about being late, it's not your fault you missed the parts where other people proposed all of those ideas.
Alterother, Jun 03 2012

       apparently, [Dub] was at the other party where they're actually putting ideas into practice!
po, Jun 04 2012

       Aaaarrh! Reality is overrated!
UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012


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