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acid/base water electrolysis

water electrolysis with acid near anode and alcaline near cathode
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Divide the water into two "compartments" with a permeable partition (i.e. a towel) serving as the separator between the two parts.

Pour the acid on one side near the anode, and pour the alkaline (baking soda...) on the other side near the cathode, then get the solution to start working and observe the results, compared with:

1. Water with only a base or only an acid.
2. Moving electrodes closer to center
3. Interaction between two sides with and without current flowing
4. Different types of anodes/cathodes. 4. Production with higher and lower voltages, and the top

pashute, Feb 22 2017

illustration https://docs.google...WY/edit?usp=sharing
[pashute, Feb 23 2017]


       I added a professional illustration. Highly professional. Perhaps now this idea will get its' due respect.
pashute, Feb 23 2017

8th of 7, Feb 23 2017


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