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advertising on airbags

Sell advertising on airbags
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So simple! Sell the space on the air bag for advertising. When an air bag inflates the last thing the person sees is the words "have you been hurt in an accident?- call 1-800-111-1111 to protect your rights!" or how about " for an inexpensive tow and guarenteed repair call ...". "Has a love one been killed? We at xyz funeral home offer a moving service ..."
mylargeideas, Aug 27 2003

(?) General Motors announces new instant-win airbags. http://www.theonion...ion3013/airbag.html
I like your version too. [grip, Oct 04 2004]

big red boxing glove http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Air_20glove
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       Ads for mortuaries and creamatoriums?

DeathNinja, Aug 27 2003

       I try not to do kneejerk fishbones, but its hard to resist on ideas that are new outlets for advertising. We already have plenty of places for advertising, thank you very much. Please don't invent any more!
krelnik, Aug 27 2003

Worldgineer, Aug 27 2003

       I think this idea is brilliant. Let's say the advertisers were along the lines of Marlboro, M&M, AT&T, CocaCola, etc...   

       Now (and follow me here) people will hate this idea dn try to fight it. But let's say it happens. And you buy a new car.....   

       .... and you'll *always be wondering* what is in *your* airbag... You'll have this very strange and creepy new fascination with your airbag, a lovehate mystery, almost a longing to know.... other people will talk about what ad was under their wheel when it blew... pictures will be taken of the airbag in fatality news articles and footages... it will spark contreversy... it will speak about our culture... antiques cars a hundred years in the future will have these mysterious *intact* airbags, that will shoot up the value of the car...   

       If i were an advertiser, I would want my name on an airbag, I'll tell you that. Great idea!
Intergalacticelvis, Aug 27 2003

       A Coca-Cola airbag might just decide to deploy if it detects Pepsi in your lap...
DeathNinja, Aug 27 2003

       Most front airbags are designed to deploy at around 15 or so mph, if I remember correctly. It's a little tricky to do in production, since there's a signal ramp-up, meaning the airbag sensor *might* deploy at around 12-14 or so; it's not a pure step-signal, but is in fact dependent upon the crash sensor input.   

       when I was at Ford we were working on ones that would have multi-deployment levels. Should be out in '04 or so on several models. (or maybe it was those that deployed at 15? I don't remember)
RayfordSteele, Aug 27 2003

       Mmmm, Made in Thai...WAP!   

       Warning on Visor:   

       This car is equipped with an advertising-supported airbag. In the event of a collision you will have approximately 0.04 seconds to read the ad. Read quickly.
Cedar Park, Aug 28 2003

       "If this airbag got your attention then you should advertise with us."   

       "You probably need an attorney. Call..."   

       "You have just experienced Fords, gold sensor air-filled life assisting collision cushion. High quality comfort and safety for the discerning customer who deserves the best."
sartep, Aug 28 2003

       I think too much detail wouldn't be so good, but perhaps a yellow airbag with a big smile and two eyes? Or a blow up doll?
Just imagine the last memories of the accident...
Ling, Nov 14 2005


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