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aggressive road signs

make sure you see and obey
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Speed limit signs could swing down on pivoted arms, so they are at the eye level of oncoming drivers. The sign could come down a fixed distance ahead of the driver, or immediately after the preceding vehicle, whichever is less.

The sign retracts a moment before the time at which the vehicle's windscreen would have reached the sign had the vehicle been travelling at the limit. A metal tooth mounted at the bottom of the sign protects it from being hit by the intact windscreen of speeding vehicles.

pocmloc, Jun 29 2019


       Seriously, a spritz of murky water and a sudden loud honk could do the trick.
pashute, Jun 30 2019

       Look up from the mobile, get shocked by a road sign, lose control and crash through a school.
wjt, Jun 30 2019

       <getting the obvious joke out the way quickly>passing aggressive road signs, which tut as you roar past them. </gtojotwq>
calum, Jul 01 2019

       These signs will encourage games of 'chicken' with drivers concentrating on driving at a speed such that the sign *just* avoids hitting their windscreen
hippo, Jul 01 2019


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