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air condition

propangas in aircondition
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I've tested for several years to use normal propan gas in my R12 Aircondition. The gas charachteristics is almost the same as R12 (freon) You just put the flexible hose from the propangas tube and fit it on the aircondition inlet. Turn on the gas with the tube upside down and start the motor.

The reason I've used propangas is becouse filling up with R12 replacements then I need to rebuild me compressor to fit R102 for about 350 $ and to fill it up with the swedish environmental taxes 100$. To fill it up with propangas (camping gas not butan) its about 0.5$. Whats the explosion risk for 0.5 liters of propan gas compared with 60m liters of petroleum in the tank ? But on the other side my mother in low discovered what I was doing and did forbidd me. So for now I have an empty air condition.

Jonas, Aug 16 2002

(?) Additional info for the curious http://ctan.unsw.ed...refprop/HCprop.html
Hydrocarbon refrigerants [half, Aug 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       mmmmm, Ciga- *BOOM*
thumbwax, Aug 16 2002

       No, Jonas is right. There's no reason you can't do this - it's only dangerous if it leaks, and people use propane stoves in their homes. This is no worse.   

       It's safer than ammonia. I've never liked ammonia refrigeration plants .... might as well use Chlorine.   

       No croissant I'm afraid, because I don't think that this idea is actually original, and is probably Baked somewhere.
8th of 7, Aug 16 2002

       Doesn't R12 contain a lubricant that prevents the compressor from seizing? If not, I'm off to fill up my compressor because the A/C hasn't worked in a long time...and it's hot here.
Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

       Sounds like consumer advice.   

       And it's baked, possibly flame broiled.   

       [thcgenius]: an oil charge is added to the system when charging with refrigerant. Also, there are numerous non-flammable R-12 replacements.
half, Aug 16 2002

       Half: There may be, but the only one in my garage right now is propane.. I should probably fix my dragging / sparking muffler first, huh?
Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

       Anyone else wondering what a propanga is? Must be similar to a bioga.
waugsqueke, Aug 17 2002

       [thcgenius]: go for it. I know people who've used the "R-12 replacements" which upon close inspection were in fact propane. They do work quite effectively. As long as you don't develop a catastrophic leak, it should be fairly tough to ignite. (caveat: you'll probably want to avoid the normal thc delivery method during the charging process)   

       Even as thrifty as I am and has hot as it is here, I'd rather cough up the $9.00/can for the non-flammable variety and wait for delivery.   

       Happy motoring.   

       [Waugs]: Isn't Propanga a canyon in southern California?
half, Aug 17 2002

       My father brought a car that the owner of did this too. I dont see a problem with it, although we didn't keep doing it, because mom was worried that it would cause problems. I don't see any problem with this, and I've heard its cost effective too.
matt04, Aug 18 2002

       Croissant for making something non-explosive into something that could potentially explode.   

       And btw, propangas is a Deutsch reference to Propane Gas.
dag, Aug 18 2002

       I dont put spaces betwen my words becouse my keyboard is defective. Jonas J
Jonas, Aug 23 2002

       It also may look peculiar becouse I'm Swedish and English is not my mothers language. (nor my fathers) So I've learned English from Machahans (You know Zeb ?) He was cool.
Jonas, Aug 23 2002

       The only dangerouse thing with this is if gas is leaking inside the car coupe. Then if it is mixed with the exact amount oxygen it will explode when you open the car door. thats why I'm never standig infront of the doors when I'm opening them.   

       It has to be the exact amount of oxygen , no more no less. The propangas is heavier than air. That means it is no danger in the motor room becouse there is no bottom. The chanse that gas is leaking inside the car and that propangas is mixtured exactly with the oxygen in the air and that a spark is ingniting it has to be compared with the risk that somebody is driving int your car from behind so that some of the 50 liters petroleum is leaking out and is ignited. But use this advice on your own risk. i couldnt persuade my mother in low.
Jonas, Aug 24 2002

       The fact that this works is old news. But, you can't convince me to add a possible source of explosion to the cabin of my car when fairly inexpensive, non-flammable alternatives are available. I also won't run pressurized fuel lines through the cabin of my car if I have another option.   

       If it wasn't for the evaporator being exposed directly to the passenger area of the car, I might join you in your crusade. I'm all for saving a dollar where I can.
half, Aug 24 2002

       Not sure about Propane but I do know that this has been done with Isobutane. It has been illegal here in the states for some time; and, since tampering with HVAC systems without a proper license can carry a large fine for you and a large reward to whomever turns you in, it's just not a good idea.
Mattrix, Dec 07 2004


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