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Bluetooth Car Stereo

Car stereo that accepts bluetooth handsets
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A standard fit car stereo that will pair with a bluetooth mobile phone enabling handsfree comunication.

Even better cars that come with stereos like this.

The stereo would mute music on incoming calls have a built in microphone. Support auto awnser after a number of rings etc...

Porkstone, Dec 04 2003

Car Radio Transmitters http://www.halfbake...adio_20Transmitters
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Car Stereo Adapter http://www.halfbake..._20Stereo_20Adapter
The opposite idea. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Sony Ericsson HCB-30 Bluetooth Car Kit http://www.expansys...uct.asp?code=HCB-30
[benjamin, Oct 04 2004]

You are here: Bluetooth / Bluetooth Car Kits http://l8shop.net/P...etooth-Car-Kits.asp
[benjamin, Oct 04 2004]

Baked by Chrysler: they call it "UConnect" http://jeepin.com/news/uconnect/index.asp
Available as a dealer-installed options on 18 different 2004 models of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

Now fully baked https://8comwireles...D=70&Category_ID=10
From a company in the UK (maybe Sparkie1979's), and only $180US [davinic, Jan 09 2005]


phoenix, Dec 04 2003

       There are a bunch of add-on bluetooth car kits (see links) that give you the same functionality, though they're not quite as nice as proper integration into the head unit.
benjamin, Dec 04 2003

       [phoenix] - perhaps [Porkstone] was thinking of the acronym In Car Entertainment?
benjamin, Dec 04 2003

       For a while my father had a car phone that could be operated either by handset or through the stereo speakers and a microphone imbeded in the ceiling. Not quite the same as linking your mobile phone to the stereo, but the technology is certainly there.
luecke, Dec 05 2003

       Chrysler is baking this into their new models, currently as a dealer-installed option, soon to be factory installed. So I'd call this baked.
krelnik, Dec 05 2003

       I've been dreaming of this exact thing for 3 years now. My next car stereo will have this. I plan to bluetooth my phone, PDA, and GPS into my car audio system. I don't want to have to buy a new car to get this. This market will be huge with states beginning to pass the no dialing laws. My commute will be much more productive.
jonperret, Feb 12 2004

       baked the idea is kicking arround out there, mainly as it would simplify wiring looms and stuff now i want an entierly bluetooth setup
engineer1, Feb 12 2004

       I am an engineer at a company in the UK and we are currently working on a in car stereo unit with bluetooth and MP3, I have one in my car and have to say it works well.
sparkie1979, Jul 17 2004


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