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air hangers

suitcaseless travel with on demand fashion
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Forget lost luggage and packing bags for a two week vacation! With your custom internet profile, air hangers will have the latest fashions, in your size, your colors, your materials, delivered to your hotel before you arrive. Expertly coordinated to make you look even better then you do when you're at home. All of our clothes are individually inspected, and our included pick up and laundry service makes your travel a walk on/walk off affair. (For an additional charge, we will insure that you are the first to wear all of the clothing you rent.) Think: mashup of Fresh Direct and Netflix but it looks like BananaRepublic's website.
bascon, Aug 17 2006


       I would be happy if I could reliably buy toothpaste when I walk off the plane at 11 PM.
bungston, Aug 17 2006

       "For a discount, we can neglect to launder all clothing supplied. For that someone with ...special... requirements, even the knickers."
m_Al_com, Aug 17 2006

       bungston: most hotels will provide toothpaste, even toothbrushes, if you ask.
DrCurry, Aug 17 2006

       packing less = bun
James Newton, Aug 17 2006

       I would've thought that a simple way of having to avoid lost luggage would be to mail it to the airport in advance, and they'd hold it for you until your arrival. Of course, you would have to have it x-rayed and stuff, and prove that the ticking noise is only an alarm clock, but the luggage would be sent over on special luggage delivery planes that would not have any passengers apart from pilot, etc, thus avoiding the temptation of terrorists or nefarious individuals from blowing the plane up just to make a point.   

       Anyways, bun for this idea.
froglet, Aug 18 2006

       I travel frequently, and find that lugging heavy bags around is an absolute bane, so I'll give you an absolute bun [+]
shinobi, Aug 19 2006

       //and prove that the ticking noise is only an alarm clock//   

       "Modern bombs don't tick, they vibrate." sayeth a certain actor portraying an airport security agent.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 20 2006

       I can see before long we will all have to strip naked submit to an ultra sound (or worse) and then change into Provided disposable travel clothes. Your passport is your RFID chip injected in your arm + retina scan so you do not carry a thing. you then get dressed at the airport with your airhanger outfit or for poor people like me you wear your travel gown until you can make it to the nearest second hand clothes shop wear people buy and sell clothes they need overseas.
Braindead, Aug 21 2006


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