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airplane cluster parachute

So that the parachute does not tear the plane into pieces
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200 self inflating parachutes shoot out ahead of the plane slowing it down, catching most of the energy and creating a mesh around the stricken airplane bringing it safely to ground.

Yes ahead of the plane, slowing it down as the plane passes through this "mesh" of parachutes.

pashute, Jul 21 2014

Parachutes for small planes already exist http://www.wired.co...quits-over-bahamas/
Per an annotation, we simply need something appropriately larger, as the final parachute for a large commercial airliner. [Vernon, Jul 21 2014]

As kids we used to walk around missing a step, https://www.youtube...watch?v=qaQ0R3uNhFI
and say: Miss Penelope with wide open eyes, that light up when they see money [pashute, Jul 27 2014]

Eyes lighting up https://www.youtube...watch?v=BrEOuAQTg2A
[pashute, Jul 27 2014]

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       _Ahead_ of the plane?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2014

       Aeroplanes are more likely to crash when they are going backwards, I think you'll find.
pocmloc, Jul 21 2014

       Look up "drogue chute", and consider a simple sequence of larger chutes being deployed, as the aircraft's speed drops. The final chute could be deployed from the top of the aircraft (see link), and be very large.
Vernon, Jul 21 2014

       // very large //   

       Ballistic recovery parachute for a civil airliner ?   

       So, you're 7000m AMSL travelling at 600 knots, and it All Goes Horribly Wrong. The object is to bring the airframe to the ground with a maximum vertical speed of about 5 m/s, and a similar horizontal speed, for an all-up mass of around 200,000 kg.   

       There are tables that tell you how big parachutes need to be for a given jump weight ...
8th of 7, Jul 22 2014

       That's why there are 200 small chutes, [bigs]
pocmloc, Jul 22 2014

       each chute goes out separately adding up the effect. I saw that link before, and was solving for a large aircraft.
pashute, Jul 22 2014

       Never understood why all passengers can't pile into a single capsule with its own chute, and jettison the rest of the plane.   

       I always wondered that intentionally braking down pieces off the plane (much like F1 cars are designed to "loose" their mass while crashing) when In Big Trouble would help. I mean you can throw away large mass items like engines, wings, APU, cargo and so on.   

       The passenger area would be made a "cage" fitted with a nicely sized parachute.   

       Surely not a safe ride home (down down down there), but survival rate would be higher.   

       It would be a hell of a challenge for the engineers to create such a design.
create, Jul 22 2014

       or have an airplane within an airplane.   

       but that's not this idea...
pashute, Jul 27 2014


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