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algorithmically variable name

a name pronounced dependent on the value of a variable
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consider, for example , a british rapper, influenced by 50 cent,there is one pastiche called 50 pence, but factor in the exchange now the obvious name for such a thing act would be 25 pence, but the exchange rate varies, so he may be a different number,even most of the time, not an integer.

or people named after the current month , rather than one specific month, or more complex[but systematically derivable] names based on the phases of the moon and the temperature

technobadger, May 15 2008


       On days when I have to sign and date a ton of documents in a hurry, I always think about legally changing my name to "Today's date".
normzone, May 15 2008

       How about changing your name to those little "ditto" marks?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 15 2008

       Hey look, there goes "3*10^8 m/s"!   

       What a bore, that guy. C'mon George W. Bush, let's go find Blu Ray and Tribal Print and have a partaaay!
daseva, May 15 2008

       2 Bob
gnomethang, May 15 2008

       Apparently you're not USian, I'm pretty sure this is already baked here. I think, it's hard to tell quite what the kids are doing with the names these days.
Noexit, May 16 2008

       I'd wager that sixty years ago Buford and Gertrude said the same thing.
normzone, May 16 2008


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